Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zardari ka drama !

Mr. ‘Ten Percent’ Asif Ali Zardari does not perceive India as a threat, rather as a friend. Well, this apparently innocuous and inviting statement is rather very strategic in the fine print as Zardari’s strategies are as vacillating as he himself is. Mr. Zardari, the laggard husband of late PPP president Benezir Bhutto has now come out of her shadow, not because of his virtues but because of the compulsion of filling in the vacuum caused by Benazir’s untimely assassination.

Most important and noticeable is that in contrast to all his predecessors who considered J&K terrorists ‘freedom fighters’, Zardari has called them ‘terrorists’ openly, as if the world will believe that the innocent Pakistan is out of all the terrorism drama going on in India. And then he requests the world very ‘humbly’ for a loan of a whopping $100 billion in the name of Pakistan’s development, while covertly implying that fall of his government may land huge nuclear armament capability in the wrong hands. He might also be thinking that befriending India may help his loan kitty.

But most fundamentally speaking, the very foundation of formation of Pakistan is hate-India sentiment and since its formation the army has been calling the shots. Any civil government that has shown slightest pro-India leaning has been overthrown by armed forces as it could prove a threat to the very raison-de-e’tre of such a large force and could cut down its funding. And Zardari cannot be so naïve to this fact; either he is lying or it seems that his days will soon be over.

The latest is that he has reiterated previous governments’ policy on Kashmir!

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