Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What lies beneath, none can fathom
Deep within this heart rests my gold
Made up of a few memories moist
And a few secrets untold

A treasure of bitter and sweet tales,
And a few candid details
That I always wished to recite
Though could never gather that might

Lost under wraps are some faded figures too
And some names half forgotten
All lie shut and frozen,
Refusing to see the light
In a spirit dormant and brazen

But tables have turned; the tide has come,
To swallow this latent soul
To awake it from this deep sloom
To destroy the battered walls of gloom

Can’t stop this ebb at all
That got me into a bottomless hole
It is like a rebirth of my dead soul
Going inside never to come out
Or to grow again like a new born sprout

I see no darkness but only light
Of all lost hopes burning bright
Ah! I stumbled upon old ambitions also
These have accorded to sing in rhyme!

This is my world, my terrene
The holy abode of all once orphaned dreams
What am I without these yearnings?
That burn day and night
To give me light and to flicker forever
To pave my paths always and ever.