Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's So Funny??

Many times, simple things that make us laugh are not at all funny. Instead, if we look a bit deeply, they are an insult to our standards of humor. Not everything that seems strange or out of the box deserves a loud sneer. I am not talking of all the degraded reality shows that go in the name of ‘stand up comedy’ and neither about their cheap double meaning jokes, I am here talking about something else.
A recent article on a popular website got me into the thinking mode. Have we ever wondered about the things that make us laugh? To be more precise, all those topics taken up by the media to ‘entertain’ and make the audience giggle or laugh their ribs out.
That website, (quite reputed by the way), made a crude joke on a very famous yesteryear’s actress just because she has gone for Botox treatment. What is so funny in this? People in the entertainment industry have to take extra care of their looks and  things like hair and skin. It is not just an option for them but rather a necessity. Their livelihood actually depends upon their looks. Who would spend his money to watch a white haired and wrinkled heroin? If we make fun of celebrities just because they go an extra mile for their looks, we must also do the same with middle aged people too, who go for executive MBAs and other courses. With all those chubby aunties sweating it out in gyms and with all those uncles who dye their salt&pepper hair with henna or L’oreal.

It is obvious that a person not only ‘likes’ to rather ‘has’ to spend regularly on things he earns his bread and butter from. For people in the corporate world, updating themselves with current knowledge and technology becomes an essential factor to stay ahead in the race. Those involved in business spend upon machinery and property, those in fields of education and consultancy, spend a lot on employee training. Similarly for those in the showbiz, taking a good care of personality and looks becomes pivotal.

An another aspect is there; I think poking fun on someone’s looks or spilling beans about the same in public is not only silly but morally wrong as well.
So, the next time we roll on the floor laughing on things like an actor's hair transplant or the cheek-fillers of an actress ; we must pause to think for a second - what's so funny??