Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's So Funny??

Many times, simple things that make us laugh are not at all funny. Instead, if we look a bit deeply, they are an insult to our standards of humor. Not everything that seems strange or out of the box deserves a loud sneer. I am not talking of all the degraded reality shows that go in the name of ‘stand up comedy’ and neither about their cheap double meaning jokes, I am here talking about something else.
A recent article on a popular website got me into the thinking mode. Have we ever wondered about the things that make us laugh? To be more precise, all those topics taken up by the media to ‘entertain’ and make the audience giggle or laugh their ribs out.
That website, (quite reputed by the way), made a crude joke on a very famous yesteryear’s actress just because she has gone for Botox treatment. What is so funny in this? People in the entertainment industry have to take extra care of their looks and  things like hair and skin. It is not just an option for them but rather a necessity. Their livelihood actually depends upon their looks. Who would spend his money to watch a white haired and wrinkled heroin? If we make fun of celebrities just because they go an extra mile for their looks, we must also do the same with middle aged people too, who go for executive MBAs and other courses. With all those chubby aunties sweating it out in gyms and with all those uncles who dye their salt&pepper hair with henna or L’oreal.

It is obvious that a person not only ‘likes’ to rather ‘has’ to spend regularly on things he earns his bread and butter from. For people in the corporate world, updating themselves with current knowledge and technology becomes an essential factor to stay ahead in the race. Those involved in business spend upon machinery and property, those in fields of education and consultancy, spend a lot on employee training. Similarly for those in the showbiz, taking a good care of personality and looks becomes pivotal.

An another aspect is there; I think poking fun on someone’s looks or spilling beans about the same in public is not only silly but morally wrong as well.
So, the next time we roll on the floor laughing on things like an actor's hair transplant or the cheek-fillers of an actress ; we must pause to think for a second - what's so funny??


  1. Upgrading one's skill or looks to be in the business is justifiable and no laughing matter.Even if it is not to be in employable mode,trying to look good is not wrong.
    It is a cheap jibe to make fun of others personal preferences even if they be grotesque.It is their choice.
    A good post

  2. hii KP

    Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I agree. Looking good is not a crime and everyone has full freedom of doing so.


  3. I have also come across such jokes. there are many pages on the social netwrking websites that share these type of jokes and poking images, I believe we should not like or share such posts.ultimately It is very rude to humour on someones looks and appearance.
    I agree looking good isnt a crime and none can tease or question you on the ways you adopt to improve our appearnce

  4. Errr.. I think you have taken the joke upon yourself!

    The basic idea behind humor is to poke fun at someone. (Though the best comedian is one who can make joke on oneself but not everyone is that great). If they are making a joke, they have full right to do so. You should have shared the link and let us judge the crudeness of the joke. Frankly AS, come to Facebook and Twitter and you will get to know what jokes are popular in the market nowadays! Either you will quit the mediums or join in the fun! People are so frustrated nowadays and getting offended by anything, they need their share of laughter. If they are doing so on one aging actor who wants to hang around by doing some artifical makeup, they have their chance to laugh, no?

  5. Agree with you here AS.....there is no point making fun of anyone if he/she is trying to maintain or improve his/her look....

    in fact these websites or our news channels for that matter are very fond of making breaking news from the personal life of celebrities and the reason is perhaps they want to sensationalize things for making money without even thinking of their professional ethics.....

  6. Being happy is everyone's choice and I believe it is an effective medicine for a healthy you. Changing your physical appearance in order to gain a lot of confidence is not bad. It's a matter of how people accept it. If they find it funny then good, at least you give a little happiness to them. :)

  7. There's nothing funny about it!! I agree with your point. Hope your post helps spread this point to others who are still laughing...

  8. very wellmeaning post buddy...:)

  9. hey long time no c ya...take care wishes

  10. hii Madrasi,

    exactly, no one can question anyone regarding his looks and such things. these social websites have made an entire entertainment biz out of this poking shit.

  11. hii Abhinav,

    Would you laugh on an invalid person for the same reason? A tragedy in a person's life will become a thing for entertainment then???

  12. hii Irfan,

    you have hit the nail! these news channels have promoted such crass humor only for their own TRPs...shame

  13. hii Coco

    well i think its not the right way to derive happiness.

  14. hii mOhan,

    yes, there is noting funny abt it infact. thanks!

  15. hii R Ramesh,

    thanks a lot!


  16. Hi :D
    The title to this post really captured my attention. Although I may not 100% agree on the whole issue of whether Botox is all good and fine and that it is justified for actors and actresses to spend so much money on such stuff.. Actually the whole fact that their work is centered about their looks doesn't exactly appeal to me..
    I 100% agree with the fact that contemporary society needs a little smack on the head for the lack of good sarcasm, or good cause for sarcasm.. "Stand up comedians" (some, if not most) take it their job to humiliate public figure- including those our future may count on- lacking the foresight that this might be affecting society as a whole, might be starting something that would cause more trouble than these "comedians" can ever imagine because sadly, usually the way into getting under the people's skin is through their hearts.
    It's pretty sad seeing people mindlessly follow those who make them laugh instead of those who make them think...

    sorry for the long comment ^_^

  17. Hi Refai

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment! Plz dont worry abt the long comment, you can write as much as u wish!

    Keep coming!


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