Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Her 'illiterate' mother

It was a cool Sunday evening and I was sitting in my hall, when she came. She is the daughter of our colony’s press-wallah. She is mal-nutritioned and stick thin like her mother and the rest of the family who never skip a day no matter how kind or cruel the climate is to them (I feel they can much better feel the mood of the climate for they work everyday without any break under a tin shed clasped to a small tree).

Yup, coming to the actual thing, she came inside and saw me reading. I could see a twinkle in her eyes that comes only when she spots a book. She told me that her illiterate mother is very particular about her studies (she studies in a local govt school) and wants her to study to the highest level. She told me that her mother never ever discriminated between her sons and daughters and wants them to become educated and sophisticated and that she personally asks each sibling to explain what happened in the class, that she tells them not to throw garbage on roads and that to carry a book with them always to avoid any time waste. These thoughts look nice to hear but even nicer when they are come from an illiterate woman having half a dozen children.

Now in contrast, the ‘literate’ people who teach their kids attitude and arrogance, to treat public property like a dustbin, to use hook or crook to get things done, middle class mothers who start looking suitors right after their daughters’ graduation. And all those educated families preferring sons over daughters. Now the basic purpose of this post is what the meaning of education is – to be able to read and write or to be able to understand things and create a positive and open outlook? I feel that illiterate mother of six kids is far more educated then all the degree holders.

The English statesman and author George Savile (1633-1695) had said

“Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught”.

How true!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nasti- nest... :(

Well after a gap of many days, I was feeling like penning down something, again something I have observed. Although, I fully accept the fact that I crib about things a lot esp. those which are absolutely ultra vires that is out of my control. But still this time here’s what I have observed.

This picture should make it crystal clear since I swear by the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, just have a look below.

What do u see? what is it?? Strangely it is a nest. A bird made its nest in the garden of my aunt and here’s what things it used to make it…all crap, dirty things, papers, bits of old clothes, shreds of polythene bags and plastic straws. And I honestly feel it’s a reflection of what constitutes our environment in larger proportions…we are frankly not bothered about any ‘gandagi’ except of our own household... We consider parks and all the area outside our own homes as a free garbage dumping grounds, but that’s especially sad since even the most educated people can be spotted doing such things L

This dirty nest is an insult to our habits of cleanliness and says a lot about our fast degrading environment.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A simple life

Around six years ago, I happened to visit the very beautiful Himachal Pradesh along with my cousins. It was a memorable trip, with lots of fun but most importantly I would say, a mental declutter happened. This declutter and emotional cleansing I experienced was because of the serenity and the simple life of the hills. People there are simple and always remain calm and relaxed. They smile at every passer by and tourist and hold no grudge for anyone.

Since a coin has two sides; it might seems lucrative to imagine living in hills but the life there is not as easy as it seems. Rough hilly roads and lack of basic amenities makes it further difficult, still I have not seen a single person cribbing there for these problems. They stay close to nature, breathe pure air and lead a simple life. In spite of all the problems I really wish to spend my life in such a natural area... :D