Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A simple life

Around six years ago, I happened to visit the very beautiful Himachal Pradesh along with my cousins. It was a memorable trip, with lots of fun but most importantly I would say, a mental declutter happened. This declutter and emotional cleansing I experienced was because of the serenity and the simple life of the hills. People there are simple and always remain calm and relaxed. They smile at every passer by and tourist and hold no grudge for anyone.

Since a coin has two sides; it might seems lucrative to imagine living in hills but the life there is not as easy as it seems. Rough hilly roads and lack of basic amenities makes it further difficult, still I have not seen a single person cribbing there for these problems. They stay close to nature, breathe pure air and lead a simple life. In spite of all the problems I really wish to spend my life in such a natural area... :D


  1. I agree to you partially....at such serene places we can stay for only some time...we will get bored after a long time...you need a fast life, city life...and when u need a break u can always go to the nature!! :)

  2. though it is really heart warming to visit places like these,living there is different.
    when i was a child,i also had a dream of staying in such a place surrounded by nature's beauty, but somehow i think it has changed..
    beautiful sketching..
    the details u have given to the hair n all is just brilliant..
    keep drawing :)

  3. Heiyya,

    One more good piece again. Loved the details on her head piece and her hair.

    This is what we feel. We are mezmerisied by such life and begin to think, "I dont mind giving up my fast life, my career and other stuffs and lead a lazy life here". But it wont last long.

    We have got used to our routine so much that after 4 days, we would yearn to go back to our fast life. We start missing the things we actually thought we loathe. These kinda serene places are there when we want to unwind but unwinding forever cant be possible with us. Our body and our mind has already been tuned to toil and face harsh fast life :-D

  4. himachal pradesh, yaar koi mujhe ticket dilaa do wahaan jaane kii...awesome one AS...ab mumbai aaja aur mera sketch banake likhna about the city :)

  5. they are happy or atleast seem happy because as you said "they stay close to nature"

    thats the way we should live as well...

    visit my zoo sometimes, I will visit urs!

  6. hii Aditi

    yup, most people find natural places dull and boring esp. after they develop a taste for urban life that is fast paced and uber cool...but I am talking about myself in particular that I want to settle down in a hill station.

  7. hii Amal

    thanks :)

    yup! I fully agree that living there is difficult, still I wish to live there only :P

  8. heyaa sis :)

    thanks yaar :)

    yup! I agree that our mind is tuned to the urban life, but 'I' constantly dream of living in a natural are ....even the most remote corner of HP would do!

  9. hi Gayathri :D

    hehehe! u must visit HP once atleast, the natural beauty would seduce u I bet!
    pakka I'll come and write a post on amchi Mumbai..and u send me a pic of urs for sketch :)

  10. hiii Abhi

    heheheh! pakka, I love zoos, and u live near a botanical park, its a blessing hai naa?

  11. :-)

    I know I know. The longing...I have been longing to go on Europe trip...:-( I dream of it. Dont know if it will ever happen.

    Take a vacation now and go camp in HP :-)

  12. heheh sis

    it would surely happen ..hope for the best :)

    yup! HP tour..thats what I dream about the whole day !

  13. Hey buddy! awesome sketch and superb writeup!! its wonderful to be in those hill stations. Such serenity,peace and tranquility. A vacation there will surely give us a immense contentment. I wish i can settle off in some places like this.

    great write up dear!


  14. heyaa Rammy :D

    thanks a lot dear ... I have a dream to own a good house in a beautiful, serene and calm natural area, and leas a simple life minus any politics and complications...thats why the write up

    I am gald u liked it!

  15. hey..you have gotta awsome collection of ure own works..i guess...u are very good..nice to see sucha talent.

  16. n yea..they never voice for the facilities coz they never need them..A man need all these only when he starts feeling the comfort..those hilly people never knew much about new technologies vagera vagera...n so they can survive without it...for us we have seen tv,radio,computer etcetc..all lxurious things rite from our birth n will feel suffocated if miss them..!

  17. n by the way..u potrait ureself ni this picture?? ehe.

  18. hii Rahul s

    welcome to my blog and thanks a ton for these superb comments :D

    # thanks a lotz, yup these are my own works :)

    # I agree we are used to the facilities but living in a raw natural place and breathing pure air actually feels like heaven :)

    # heheh! no this is not my sketch :)

  19. i have been to darjeeling and i have fond memories of the place :)

    when we are more tired of the fast paced life that we go thru on a daily basis, such places gives us some mental freedom and peace..

  20. hii Chriz

    thanks for the comment

    yup! I to have fond memories of such trips....I really really wish to run away to HP or any such place !!!

  21. a simple pic says so much!!! :)
    keep sketching!:)

  22. hii Divsi

    thanks a lot..yup A pic is worth a thousand words :)