Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thus Spake 'He'

Vanity dripping and spine erect
Head high, I gape at my body perfect

Oh! I love my silken skin, such golden glow
My sea blue eyes and feline walk slow

Praise showered galore wherever I go
Each minute filled with a cheer anew!

Thus, I beg almighty to freeze the time
Can’t just let go youth golden of mine

May this shine of gifted allure never fade
Amen. I hope my pleadings reach His space

One nice day, when sun heads earth’s rim
When after the usual pleading, I saw ‘him’

He sat quietly on a wooden porch
Near the place where I beg to my god

His hair rugged and looks so rustic
Surely, those eyes did master some magic

On a mere leaf he eats and prays all day
His words too, cast a spell they say

Near he came and opened his pursed lips
I melted and got confined to his jinx

He said, “Lovely body is but a delusion
Soul is truth we are to fathom

From the time of arrival until we depart
This molded dust forms just a part
We all become one in the end
For death unites us once again

Burned to ashes by our own friends
For none escorts after a life ends

Change is truth; the essence of life
Embrace lovingly, for it only survives

Do chart your path but rise above the jumble
Barter desires for the joy of surrender”

All this was very true and right
And I did come from darkness to light

However, I never saw him after that day
Was he God himself in a body of clay?

(Images from Internet)