Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Art on Cover Page!

Months back when made a pencil colour sketch of my favorite author, Mr.Ruskin Bond, I had not imagined that it will appear on the cover page of a book! 
The book 'Ruskin Bond’s World’ has been published by the Modern History Press, USA.  My sincere thanks go to Mr.Volkman of MHP.

I had mailed the original sketch to Mr.Bond and he was kind enough to send me a sweet autograph that I will always treasure! 

The sketch is there on my other blog, ‘Sketchosphere’ and can be seen here

You can check out the book here


Saturday, November 9, 2013

WOW: 38 missed calls in 10 mins!


WOW: 38 missed calls in 10 mins! He wondered what was going on'

“I am not getting what your problem is? Does he beat you, Slap you?” asked the mother quite irritatingly.

“No mummy, but please talk to him and his family.” the daughter replied

“Then? What will we talk about?”

“But I am sick! I live in a jail, literally. He checks up on me every half an hour or so, sometimes even every fifteen minutes.’ The daughter replied with teary eyes.

“Does slapping only amount to cruelty? He had guts to record my line-phone conversations. He enquired with the neighbors about me mamma!” she added

“And how did you get to know all this?” asked the mother

“Singh aunty told me that. I found the recorder under the table. Sometimes, he locks himself up in the room and refuses to come out for hours. It is too much papa” said the daughter as she switched her cell phone off and threw it away in disgust.

Beta, it happens. He loves you. Every boy shows his love in a different manner.” The mother tried to pacify her.

“By being so obsessive? Is this love papa? He does not allow me to work even. I left my job under his pressure” she again looked sadly at her father.

Beta, he is well settled and do not forget that you are enjoying the comforts you only dreamt of.” The mother tried to throw in some positives.

“So? Is freedom not a thing? Mummy, diamonds have blinded you to my deep agony. A foreign honeymoon is not a surety of a good marriage. He avoids taking me out on social occasions even. If he does not trust me, it is better to go our own ways” the daughter said firmly.

“I agree beta, he is a bit possessive but he is handsome and well settled too. And you are making a scene out of a minor thing” The mother said as she paced up and down the room.

“A bit? You call this a bit! The small dreams that a girl harbors and the ambitions she nurtures over the years always fade behind the glittery wedding to the rich groom. They lay like dead under the flowery aisle that often leads to a golden prison. He comes home for lunch usually unannounced and gives me strange stares that match the shades of an internal agony and helpless doubt of a juvenile.” The daughter said as she looked her mother in the eye.

“See, we do not want your philosophy. We have one more daughter to marry, can’t you see girl! If you cannot help in finding a suitable match, at least do not create troubles.” The mother heaped on the chair avoiding the eye contact.

“Mummy, I cannot live with a psycho like this. Firstly, you did everything in such a hurry that I could not get time to interact properly with him. I got to know his rotten mind only after marriage. I am repenting your mistake mummy. Look papa, are you listening?” said the daughter as she wiped another tear.

“I think you should stop this nonsense now and focus on your personal life. What will you do if he gets interested in another woman? Where will you go then? Hold your life girl; hold him fast before he slips away. After all who finds such a prince so easily! The mother said as if trying to push her outside the house.

“Alright, there is no hope I can see here. I am going back to that dark hole”. She said, switching on her mobile.
“My God! Look at this papa! Do you need more proof now? I switched it off for just 10 minutes!” the daughter said as she gaped at the screen in awe and irritation.
Beta, probably you are right. I think it is time to talk to him and his parents seriously and if required, seek medical help.” The father said and stood up when he saw 38 missed calls in 10 mins! He wondered what was going on.

PS: Mental troubles and deviated behavior are not taken seriously in our country. Instead, marriage is considered to be a panacea of all such issues. Visiting a psychiatrist or a councilor is still a taboo. There are so many girls who are stuck with such abnormal spouses. It is necessary to seek help in such cases; it can save bigger troubles in future. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Liebster Award and Tag!

Thank you Nikhil, Ekta, Jyothi and Maithili for awarding me the 'Liebster Award' and this tag! Since I do not wish to bore people by answering all the 40 questions, I am taking up Nikhil’s set as I received it first.

1. In a dilemmic situation, would you listen to your heart or your brain? why?
Ans: Depends what the situation is and what’s on stake.

2. Choose between an “Unlimited internet connection for a month” & “1 month of your favorite food delicacy”?
Ans: I would choose the latter.

3. Five rare random facts that most people don’t know about you?
Ø My Grandfather served as the personal Physician to His Highness Jodhpur for some time.
Ø Many of the classics I have are from Grandpa’s personal collection of books.
Ø My extended family is quite diverse! There are members belonging to Maharashtra, Kumaon, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP, MP and a few other places! A family gathering seems like a multi-cultural fest!
Ø I have a certain liking for Germans. I find them intellectual, tough and dependable.
Ø My mother named me ‘Niloufer’ as she loved this name but she did not know the meaning of this word. Hence, my name was changed to ‘Ankita’ which means ‘inscribed’. Now I know, courtesy Internet, Niloufer means ‘water lily’.

4. A fictional character (from a book/movie/TV show) that you think closely resembles you.
Ans:  Alice in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ :P

5. Congratulations! you have been just given the opportunity to travel back in time. Which year or occasion ; why?
Ans: Thank you!! I would go back to the time of Gautam Buddha, to meet him of course!

6. Coke or Pepsi?
Ans: None. I avoid soft drinks

7. First thing you would do if you win the lottery (amount can be the maximum you can think of right now) :D
Ans: I’ll kneel before Lord Shiva to thank him for the blessings.

8. One thing that annoys you the most?
Ans: Cruelty towards helpless animals and children.

9. Something that you would love to do but are too afraid to?
Ans: Bungee Jumping

10. A superpower or a lot of money….and justify your choice?
Ans: A superpower- to read anyone’s thoughts (incl animals) because then, life will never be boring!!

Now my questions are as follows:

  • 1. One book/movie you could alter the ending of.  Please give reasons for your choice.
  • 2.    Which two Indian laws would you change if given an opportunity to do so?
  • 3.    Are you a dog person or a cat lover? Which breed of dogs you like the most and why.
  • 4.    Which actor and actress you think should permanently bid adieu to acting and why.
  • 5.    Name the two films you would like to direct again. Who will you cast in lead roles?
  • 6.    Where do you stay the most (mentally), your past, present or future?
  • 7.    Describe yourself in three words.
  • 8.    How do you de-stress yourself?
  • 9.    How would you deal with a very rude but a close relative?
  • 10.  One zodiac sign (apart from yours) that you like and why.
I would to give this wonderful ‘Liebster Award’ along with these questions, to the following ten friends

          Nihar, ShaktiKeith GarimaShreekant 

Congrats to all!  Eagerly awaiting your answers!


'Liebster' is basically a German word and it means 'dearest'. This award is usually given to blogs with less than 200 followers. However, I have given it to ten of my fav bloggers!
The procedure:
  •    Link back to the blogger who has nominated you
  •    Nominate ten more bloggers and pass this award to them.
  •    Answer all questions given to you.
  •    Create your own ten question set for the nominees
  •    Let them know that they have been nominated 

Monday, November 4, 2013

On the Clouds (Guest Post)

This poem has been written by my cousin Ashutosh

Walked and walked
On the clouds..

Pushed by wind
Keeping moon behind
I strode along
Up and down
On curves of mist
With shady twists

Perched on a cottony cliff
I peered below
Saw a strange world
With diagrams of glow

No longer longing to go ahead
I stopped in my track
Turned my back

Walked and walked
On the clouds...

Friday, November 1, 2013

WOW: Being Watched!

Yay!!! It's now a WOW post!

'One Thing They Didn’t Know That They Were Being Watched'   

All the arguments as if became pointless, the tough decision disallowed appeals to reach those standing inside the gate. ‘Thump’! With a loud bang, the curly haired man threw old hold all and trunk out. The neighbors, a curious and loyal audience to the family drama, now quietly waited for the climax.

Despite pleadings and curses, the two feeble bodies were given a push. Sitting outside, they did say something with watery eyes and quivering lips but those on the other side, did not know that language so, the conversation was snapped. 

Inside, quite relieved of the garbage, they heaped on the sofa. One thing they didn’t know that they were being watched carefully by a light-eyed eight year old boy from that high round window; one that stood as a witness to the same drama played by those outside the gate, some three decades back, when a curly haired child saw all that, through it, carefully…

This post (fiction) is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. We give out creative writing topics each weekend for Indian bloggers.