Thursday, October 13, 2016


You left me behind like
A snake that sheds its skin
To move ahead callously
Crawling to a new hole
A new terrain, a new prey
While I lay kaput like a diadem
Crushed under enemy’s wagon
Like a sad note, half discernible
Coming from a broken violin
Like that mild reek that springs
From stale forgotten bouquets

I was your skin once, intimate and attached
Now, I am mere an object of odd curiosity
Of strangers with greed gleaming in ice cold eyes,
All bitter gazes and silent taunts that rip as a knife
I know, I know Love, that I will be loved by none
But I also know, I understand that you are a snake
Indeed one…

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Tree Called Friendship!

It was the very first semester of my graduation when I could feel a whole new world opening up- a world of ambitions, aspirations and dreams, and of course, new friendships. College presents a whole new world where you experience camaraderie that could actually last lifetime or can become an integral part of your years to come. So, if I can recall correctly, I met my closest friend Megha, the subject of this post, on a rainy afternoon in August when I was sitting in my classroom with my new found group. She joined our college late as she had joined another course in some other college. However, for the first three semesters we were not close buddies, I had another bestie with whom I had bitter fallout for some reason. Then we, Megha and I, became close friends, and then the best friends. A college trip to Goa was an unforgettable moment that in a way sealed our friendship for lifetime. It was actually a cherished trip; some pics have been attached here. Although it has been a decade now, we enjoy discussing it often.

We both love travelling and I can recall, amongst many of our trips to various areas of Delhi, the one at random. It was to Daryaganj in Old Delhi, and nearby areas. Even in the crowded streets, where typical smell of roasting meat fills your nostrils, and the shrill noise of traffic your ears, you feel comfortable because with closest friend, each minute turns into a lifetime of joy and laughter. We purchased clothes, artificial jewelry and much more that I still have with me. We then visited many other areas like Lajpat Nagar, Janpath and yes, the iconic British Library to inquire about the membership. Those were the days of bliss and comfort. In 2009, while dancing on one MJ number, Megha unfortunately broke her ligaments and got a fracture. It was this time, I presented her a hand-painted card made with much love and visited her.

Seeing a friend in pain is the ugliest sight to behold. I prayed for her well being. Times always change and when mine was at a low after a tragic loss of a dear one some years back, she supported me like anything; she stood like the Rock of Gibraltar and constantly made me realize the value of thinking positive and looking ahead. Those days were filled with tears and darkness but my best friend’s helping hand pulled me out of the clutch of gloominess. I have learned a lot from her. Such is the power and magic of the panacea call friendship; it heals every wound, no matter how deep it has cut you. Before she got married and moved to a different part of the country, we used to talk a lot, many times every day for hours (seriously!) and now when I think of that time, it comes like a happy memory. I still pest her to read all my poems and posts and we still share our half-mad opinions and craziness without thinking twice!

An old snap!

I find her courage, independence and positive outlook towards life to be amazing but no human is born without follies so on the flip side, I think she gets obstinate sometimes. I did my further studies from a different university but those days of graduation gave me the most precious gift, a lovely sapling of friendship that we have nurtured and is now a flowering tree, under whose shade we can talk our hearts out!

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Haiku Horizons - Carry

This is for Haiku Horizons and this week's prompt is 'Carry'

Winds carry your cologne

Far across from seven seas

I can feel your touch

  • 5-7-5 pattern
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