Monday, March 30, 2015

What's Your Rashi- Part 4

Suppose a girl has to visit a wedding function but has lost her way and asks the directions despite having a map (she is confused actually). Let us see how the boys of each zodiac sign are going to respond to this situation-

Aries- Hey are you illiterate? Read the map, this time with your eyes open! Leave it, I am coming along to show you the way, baby!

Taurus- Kindly give me a pen and a paper, I will draw the complete map in a simple way. It should not take more than an hour. Have patience.

Gemini- Damn! You lost your way! You know so many little things can happen and you might meet someone who has lost way too but you have a map too, why so? Did you run from home? Where is your lover? I should not interfere in your personal life much you see I am not a very nosey person…ha ha ha!

Cancer- It reminds me of my friend who lost her way once too and then… (nearly sobbing) we found her in the forest, alone and scared. I request you to take me along too, I’ll cling and show you the right way…Please…

Leo- First of all dear lady, it is your good luck that you have met someone like me who can show you the right way. You must thank your God for this. Now drive as I’ll tell you!

Virgo- Madam, why did you not bring someone along and why are you driving inside the city if you have to, as you yourself are saying, reach to the next city. Why are you wearing casual clothes if you set out to visit a wedding? I smell something fishy. Please excuse me.

Libra- Hmmm…hmmm, see maps are often not accurate because the entire area is condensed on a small sheet. Sometimes cities change as people do and the entire city as if sheds its skin and takes a new form. When you drove on a wrong road you thought it was right but it was not and this happens often with people. You can do two things, either read the map or drive back again to the last point and take the another road. With maps, you can…………………………….. (he goes on!)

Scorpio- Come with me, I’ll explain the map!

Sagittarius- You dumb! What is life if not losing the way once in a while! Let me hop in and we’ll explore the forests and the woods and the city and have fun! What is there in the boring wedding? Throw this map now!!

Capricorn- Sorry madam, I do not know. However, you should request your acquaintance to meet you at some landmark point.

Aquarius- If I were you, I would have returned home to watch a good movie with my pals!

Pisces- No, No! Do not be in a mirage; this is not losing the way! Destiny has changed the gears as in my deepest dreams, I knew deeply that I will meet the other half-energy of my soul and everything is nature is meant to be half till it is completed by the opposite element just like Yin and Yang, my lovely lass! Do you not dream?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stare (Fiction 55)

“Don’t stare like that” she blushed
“Girl, I often feel like…” he said
“Coming closer to you and to hold those manes in my hands …” he added, staring intensely in her curious eyes
“And?” she beamed
“To pull you even closer!”
“Then…bang your head against the wall, you irritating creep!” he screamed!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shores (Haiku)

Swallow me like hungry tide
So that I can find my shores
In the depths of your love

5-7-5 pattern
Image: s5.favim.com

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Be Happy!

I have always believed that biggest of joys lie in smallest of things and thus for me things like an unexpected email or a call from a cousin/friend, the chirping of birds are all worth looking forward to. What is life sans happiness? Life then becomes a long day, scorching and dull. Small joys are like patches of cool shade. Happiness to me means a state where you feel light as a cloud and completely at home with your body and soul, where no rush or nervousness gets hold of you and you stay in a blissful state of mind. Even if only for some time, this state is a must for a healthy life.

I am an animal lover to the core! I adore cute beings like kittens, puppies, birds, squirrels, cows esp calves and derive immense joy by cuddling and stroking them. Even by just watching their antics from a distance is enough for me to spend the whole day in a light mood. Every morning before breakfast, I keep some peanuts and rice in the veranda for birds and squirrels along with some water and when they come jumping there with alert eyes, I feel so happy! Taking long walks in noiseless and natural areas too gives me much happiness. Walking has always been cathartic for me and if accompanied by a friend or a nice acquaintance, it becomes doubly enjoyable. Slow and steady walking gives one much time to muse upon things that are often ignored in the hustle-bustle of the routine life.

I believe happiness cannot reach your soul till it is shared. The best way to cure one’s own wound is to stitch others’. Expensive things have limited happiness quotient but all the things that are vague like smiles, sharing, spending time together, cracking jokes, walks and careless banter seem far more precious and memorable in the long run. Small acts of charity, if done regularly, can make you a far more positive person and it is a tried and proven fact. Relieving someone of mental or physical trauma is the real meaning of happiness and we do not need a formal set up or a structure for that. I try to keep helping as much I comfortably can and happiness fills my heart to the brim when I see something positive coming out of these little mundane efforts.

Another simple thing that makes me happy is feasting on‘gol-gappas’! I can have them all the time, all day. I have tried all the permutations and combination of this snack and can call myself a ‘gol-gappa’ aficionado! A simple plate of this awesome snack seems far tastier than some high sounding cheesy pizza. I have a thing for Indian snack for they are are so damn effective in letting go of all the stress!

Happiness is not a destination; it is the very journey one needs to enjoy. Finding joy in simple things like a child’s clever answer, an old person’s blessings or a joke shared with pals is what brings real sunshine and color into our lives.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Am

I am
Just another mortal
Thoughtless and naïve
I can fathom no philosophy or secrets of life
Except I live to spend with you each minute
It is all I do covet
That is what
I am

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Memorable Evening!

Sometimes, the guidance we seek is right in front of our eyes or around us in the form of our loved ones who always try to fill us with hope and optimism as well as positive thoughts. Just being together with them gives you a feeling of revival and freshness and makes you feel lucky and alive.

My maternal grandfather would visit us for few days once in a while, for he stayed in another state but I did not interact much with him or rather I would say I did not had a chance to converse deeply with him mainly because I was a kid that time. However, when I was in the first year of my Masters course, I met him again after sometime and he was as full of exuberance as ever. I remember that cool and breezy evening when we both had coffee and snacks in my room and he was all ears to what I had to say and how my life was going. Just like any other youth, I was slightly nervous about my forthcoming professional and personal life but when I spent  that evening with him, I felt as if a new dawn had kissed me with its warm rays full of hope and optimism and I could see the frost of my doubts disappearing like fog.

His entire persona was awesome; being a retired Army man (from education core) he was not only quite erudite but also very polished and dignified. Despite being an expert of Economics and Mathematics, his command over English was enviable. Let me recall that evening.  The way he handled my doubts still remains fresh in my mind. He told me not to be too-apologetic and extra-forgiving just because I am a girl, and to maintain my self-respect at all costs. He told me that I should rely only upon my own confidence and hope, and that armed with education I will make something better of myself. He advised that I should always stay away from mediocrity and save myself from getting into the mundane drudgery of a domestic life. His concepts were clear; he explained that the real meaning of being educated is to open up and liberate oneself from the mental blocks and avoid being myopic. He himself never even thought of preventing his own daughters (my mother and her sister) from pursuing any course(s) they wished to.

That evening, he made many of my doubts clear and in a very simple way made me understand that one should not be afraid at all about chasing his/her dreams. His charm and polish as well as the grace with which he carried himself years after retirement were really appealing. Though later also we interacted many times, that one conversation with him remains fresh in my mind till date. Just being around with him filled me (and cousins too) with motivation and confidence. Such is the power of being together!

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Man and the Sage! (Limerick)

There was a man so fed up of his nagging wife
Once day he decided to take an expert advice
He met a sage wandering alone
Asked him how to fathom women
Sage said ‘Clueless I’m too, that’s why this life’!

A limerick is a five line style of poetry, with a strict rhyme scheme AABBA which generally has a humorous intent. The first, second and fifth lines are usually longer than the third and fourth.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


“You are just so sweet!” he cheered.

“Not every poison is bitter” she thought, smiling discreetly... 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Bold Step

Sometimes destiny brings us on crossroads, throwing at us the task of making difficult choices as I found myself years ago. However, I am glad I chose the right path and I do not regret my decision at all. At times you have to take decisions even in such daily mundane matters which are considered too petty to be thought of even second time.

Saving you all the mystery, let me get straight to the point. Many years back, I went on a holiday with my cousins and, contrary to my expectations, it turned out to be a nightmare because two of my younger cousins made sure that I did not enjoy it even for a moment. Their conduct was an appalling demonstration of rudeness and an extremely poor upbringing. While the parents of one were literally ashamed on his audacity, another’s mother who too had come along and ironically is into teaching, did not bother and at times even felt proud of the boldness of her maniac son.

They not only misbehaved (verbally) with me but also passed nasty jibes about my paternal relatives. When I got to know the cause of this behavior, I was shocked at their immaturity. They simply seemed to enjoy the ‘fun’ of teasing. When I complained to their parents, I was told to ignore their taunts as they were just a bit ‘boyish’ and ‘juvenile’ (they were in high school that time while I was in college), and also that being a girl, I shouldn’t take such matters to heart as ‘boys are like that only’. This literally made my blood boil as I had never faced such discrimination in my own family. Back home, I told the entire thing to my mother who gave a piece of her mind to the accompanying elder relatives, making them feel ashamed of themselves. Even then, the mother of the other younger cousin was as shameless as ever and did not feel anything wrong about her son’s behavior.

I then decided to kick out such crap from my life. I consider my life to be my own canvas and nobody except me will decide what colors will be splashed over it. I brushed aside all the shades of dark; I severed all ties with them even at the risk of being tagged as rude, unruly and selfish, for I believe when there is no respect and courtesy in relationships, they must be dissolved and one should mingle only with people who enrich his/her life. There is no point carrying on such relationships just for the sake of it, even at the cost of your own peace of mind.

Even though, after many years one of them apologized several times, I simply did not bother and it is highly unlikely that I’ll do so in future. I chose my self-respect and dignity over rotten relationships even though I was chided for my decision by few other relatives who thought that a girl should always be tolerant, forgiving and submissive. I am proud of what I have done for living my life positively. Throwing out dirt is no crime; rather it is something that must be done to #StartANewLife!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015


He moved his admiring gaze all over the contours wondering over the beauty nothing less than heavenly. He stared for some time, defying his urge to touch and feel those curves that drove him crazy. When he could no longer resist, he just went ahead and asked the price of that lovely conch for sale!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Simple!

It’s simple
I am not a sage
I am not a mystic
I can’t tell the future
I will walk till this patch is over
For life has lanes already drawn
I’m just another pawn
I am not a mystic
I am not a sage
It’s simple


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hope is Life!

It is very true that hope and optimism can inspire us in the most unexpected moments. This incident dates back to the year 2008 when a recession hit the world markets mainly because of the sub-prime crisis in the United States of America. It created far flung effects and lead to millions of people being handed pink slips esp those who worked in IT sector. One of my acquaintances unfortunately belonged to this category and lost his well paying job at a very crucial point. His wife had given birth to twins a few months back and of course, the expenses were high. His wife, who was a homemaker, was extremely worried with the tension gripping her nerves and the stress showing up in her day to day life. Since we are quite close to that family, I knew how difficult that phase had been for them. However, her husband, whom I fondly call Bhaiyya, (brother) was not that nervous, rather he was looking more at solutions than whining over the problems like others in his family.

One fine evening, some two weeks after losing his IT job, when we all were having evening tea, he came and put forward his idea of starting a business of his own, something that would get him through similar times of recession even in future without any worries of pink slips again. At first, just like people react on every new idea, we rejected it out rightly but he was adamant and again, patiently put forward the same. He said he wanted to open a stationary and shop that would also stock common items like men’s lingerie and other things of day to day use. Since these things are often insulated from recession, he thought it would work well. His wife had no other option or idea left and decided to help him. They, with some initial capital, started a small shop and for a few months, nothing much came however, the sales slowly picked up pace. Later they added a photocopy, scan and print facility to it and then, after a few months, it started giving good profits. Bhaiyya was able to cover his initial investments and then, most of what they earned each day was pure profit!

This inspired me in more than one ways. Firstly, he made a pearl out of the dirt and beautifully, rather profitably, turned a loss into a solid opportunity. Secondly, he was unperturbed and did not lose his cool; rather he focused on the possible solutions when most of his colleagues were busy searching for new jobs (or perhaps, visiting shrinks!). Also, this incident gave me a hope that setbacks can be gotten over by persistent efforts and a hopeful attitude. If you are suffering a stroke of bad luck now, that does not mean it will continue later too. Who knows, you might become successful in something else, just like he did in setting up his own venture! Now his wife too runs a boutique of her own and it is doing well. Their twins are studying in one of the leading schools of the city. Hence, we do not need to look up and hunt far for little moments of inspiration that can fill us with hope; they are often right around us!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Angel

The support of family is the first brick of happiness, but it is something that should never be taken for granted and those who have such kind of support are indeed lucky. I would like to share how my mother guided and encouraged me to grow up into an altogether different personality than what I initially was.

This dates back to my childhood when I was thin as a stick and it seemed as if loose clothes are hanging on a pole or somewhat like a droopy flag. This made me quite conscious of myself and to make the matters worse, my teeth were slightly in a zig-zag pattern too. That was the last straw and at one point of time, I was so conscious that I often, on this pretext or that, started spending evenings at home instead of going out with my friends, most of whom were bloated with hanging dollops of flesh, giving me a solid complex. I was neither undernourished nor ill but simply very thin. My mother spotted this complex in me and feared that this might lead to some behavioral disorders in future so she lent me her helping hand that really encouraged me to grow into a confident and self-reliant person.

The first thing she did was to advise to me to join my friends and laugh at myself when they made fun of me, instead of feeling cornered and getting irritated, which they in fact enjoyed. I did that and it worked wonderfully! They no longer teased me when they found me enjoying their barbs. Another big thing she did was to motivate me to take part in school functions and local contests like debates, races etc and definitely not for the prizes but just for the feeling of participation. She told me to accept myself as a beloved child of God and to stay in my skin comfortably all the time and made me understand how a diminished self-confidence leads to a low self-esteem and within no time, a person is reduced to a doormat by the ruthless world around him/her. She consulted a dentist too who said that by the time I’ll be out of teenage my teeth would change shape and I should consider changes or fixtures only then, as teeth in younger age tend to shift and change shapes. Luckily, the zig-zag pattern ironed out on its own in coming years.

So, I started taking part in debates, essay writing contests and school group dances and honestly, it did made me feel confident and reliant. My thinness did not bother me anymore rather I stated feeling happy that I was saved from obesity. Her help not only made me develop into a positive person but also helped me shed all the timidity that had enveloped me.

Such is the help of family members, when other people just poke fun at you and point out flaws, your family can make you turn the same dirt in to a pearl that makes you shine. I shall always be deeply thankful to my mother, my angel who saved me from growing into an introverted and nervous person.

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