Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doll - House

A house
Old and abandoned
Where only quiet reigns
Still echoes its happy past
When once cheers resounded all around
Childhood doll-house that still makes me smile!

Written for Mag 285

Thursday, September 10, 2015


An interesting journey
Highs & lows; lights & shadows
At times prickly cliffs and at times green pastures
Are to be taken in one’s stride
Journey to the last gate

Written For Mag 284

Monday, September 7, 2015

collegedunia.com - A Boon for Students

The elder son of one of my relatives is a pro in technology and takes to it like fish takes to water. Still in his teens, he shows a deep inclination towards this field. During one of our casual conversations he expressed his confusion and doubts concerning a plethora of engineering colleges and a deep set desire to join an IIT. This is a dilemma common to all the young students who are still in school and are going to enter the world of higher education in a year or two. For them, collegedunia.com  is a boon and I advised the young man to visit this wonderful site that is a mine of information for every college aspirant. Here one can find detailed and relevant info on more than 10,000 colleges in the country and other things like their maps, pictures, events and even festivals. Students can take appropriate decision and choose a college that matches with their expectations, scores and budget structure.

(IIT  Bombay Academic Building)
The boy was bent towards joining his dream college IIT Bombay so we explored its page on the collegedunia.com and came to know regarding the 12 courses the institute offers along with facts like facilities, faculties and placement structure. I told him that he could also try getting into Top10 Universities in India and fulfill his dream to be an engineer. After all there are 725 Universities including Deemed, State, Central, Open and Autonomous ones that offer world class education.

Students can also download the full brochure from the page. Apart from that, one can join communities and discuss their queries as well as experiences with others on the website. Hence, it gives an immense psychological support to a student confused and lost in the jungle of information, and he can take a considered decision. Even those who are looking for further options for Post-Graduation courses and research can explore this site and make their choices.

After all, isn’t a good life a string of wise decisions? And as we all know, education is its nucleus.