Friday, February 27, 2015


Fluttering in the wind, I see
Letters of love meant for me

In the cursed silence of the dark
I hear your call coming from far

I weave dreams in pearly moonlight
Till dew disrupts my fantasy’s flight

Lonesome nights seethe me no end
Succumb I and can no more pretend

I close my eyes and make you come alive
Whispering dreams to beguile heart naive

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Birthday Gift (100 Words Fiction)

I tip-toed inside, holding her birthday gift and looked for her in the tiny room. She was leaning against the window, curiously tracing some passerby on the road far below. Quite painfully, I handed her the small packet but she cried in joy, just how an eight year old would do. When I saw her trying the wig excitedly in front of the small bathroom mirror, it made my heart thump. My child jumped around like a happy kitten and then breathless, bumped into her bed. I couldn't utter a word and quickly rushed out of the Juvenile Cancer Ward.

Image from: punchbowl.com

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Panacea (Short Fiction)

  As he changed sides with much difficulty, it took me no time in sensing that his pain was acute and dissolved a part of him every moment. He opened his flaccid eyes and stared at me- a helpless being with disheveled hair, sitting near his bed. With bewildered expressions, I glanced at the window where grey-black clouds began teaming up, conspiring a storm. I shifted my glance at him and found him in a comatose sleep. After a few moments of peace, he got up with a jerk and blood drops fell from his swollen nose. He looked at me apologetically making tears gush out of my sleepless eyes. The decade long evening was stuck; it choked our breaths and suffocated us in an undesired moment. He closed his eyes and shivering like a helpless leaf in a wild storm, curled up some more.

  I went to the bathroom and stared at the red threads of my eyes that bound me with his suffering, providing a testimony to the turmoil rising slowly inside my blank mind. I sat on the wet floor and cried like a child abandoned in a swarm of cold and unknown faces and then, rushed straight towards the last drawer. Two drops sufficed in a cup of milk. Slowly, he drank a part and after some uneasy coughing and twisting, wagged his tail before closing his sunken old eyes. With a pounding heart, I heaped on him and clutched his limp body tightly. Despite noticing a certain comfort on his face after a long time, I could not help cursing myself.

  Some situations are crossroads where tough choices become inevitable; the grey gap between white and back merges and wrong becomes right and poison becomes the panacea... 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Befikar, Umar Bhar!!

What is life without the wish list that keeps swelling every month! Life has two aspects. First, it is short and second, it is unpredictable. What may come next, none is able to fathom. In such unsure circumstances an easy solution can be a simple and effective life insurance like IDBI Federal that makes you ‘befikar’ for the rest of your life in the real sense.  I have a looonnggg wish list. However, if I were to choose top five things that I would love to do if I too were insured and hence ‘befikar’ for the rest of my ‘umar’, they would be as follows-

1.     Going for white water rafting- This is one thing that allures me like anything! The tempestuous waters, greenish and bluish, are a delight to my eyes and the very idea of the rafting makes me feel alive! So, when there is a guarantee of good times and a ballast of insurance, I would make this dream come alive.

2.     Opening a Charitable Veterinary Hospital- I have a weakness for animals esp dogs and thus it is my dream to open a charitable hospital for stray animals who often rot on streets all alone. I often notice cows with bleeding horns or dogs with deep cut marks, withering in pain and this pinches me deeply somewhere inside. So, a charitable vet hospital is what I would get constructed before I leave this world.

3.     Going on a Trip to Seychelles- This is one place that is awesome than heaven! The green forests, waterfalls and beautiful natural sceneries, Seychelles is a visitors’ delight. However, it takes a lot of moolah to visit and enjoy the time there, with my friends or family of course, for there is no fun in visiting a superb place like that all alone. When you have a good insurance, you can manage the trip as well!

4.     Buying an Audi- This German car company had me hooked to its models! I have heard so much about this car that it has become my dream to own one and by that I do not mean only the starting models, but good ones in middle price range. White Audi looks stunning and the black one looks classy like anything!

5.     Paying for an Orphan’s education- I would like to bear the expenses of an orphan child’s entire education and living and I think if everyone of us who has had the good fortune of getting education takes this step, we can help the society in a larger way. However, with school and living costs sky-rocketing like anything, it has become far difficult to harbor such dreams but a dream is a dream and can be fulfilled by a bit of careful planning by experts like IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd.

So, these are five dreams of mine out of my bucket list that I wish to fulfill in this life. Life is beautiful; it just requires a careful handling of monetary resources and some calculated planning. The feeling of a wish fulfillment is unmatched and can make us look forward to more!

Stay Befikar Umar Bhar only with IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd.

I agree to ensure (to the best of my abilities and circumstances) that this blog post remains accessible in an un-altered state for a minimum of one year.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thy Black Kiss...

Seize me in thy dark embrace
No more stay an enigma to me
Grant thy black kiss on my face

With much heart love I did chase
But only mirage was could I see
Seize me in thy dark embrace

Mirror reflects my dreary maze
Desire I to be of this mess free
Grant thy black kiss on my face

With anxious heart, count I days

To be a leaf detached from tree
Seize me in thy dark embrace

I wish to melt away in vast space
In the search of my own spree
Grant thy black kiss on my face

Freeze me death; leave no trace
Please be kind to my small plea
Seize me in thy dark embrace
Grant thy black kiss on my face

Image from: forums.yoworld.com