Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ethnic Ecstasy!

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It may be that the satisfaction I need depends on my going away, so that when I've gone and come back, I'll find it at home. 

Home is heaven and home is what makes us realize the beautiful bounties fate showers upon us in the form of love and warmth of our near and dear ones! For me, the most beautiful and comforting place on earth is my home! It is also one place which is my own kingdom. Every person is the king or queen of his/her own house and if one delves deeper into the subject of housekeeping, one will be surprised to know that it is virtually limitless! I love to arrange things and beautify my place. Also, my home has to look classy and reflect my individuality as well. I have seen people who are shabby and unkempt and in 99% of the cases, I have found out that their homes too, suffer the same tardiness. So, going in reverse gear, you can easily find the personality of a person just by observing his house and housekeeping habits. I am a lover of things that are a bit ethnic in design. That imparts a unique ‘Indianness’ to my place!  So I would choose three things from the link to beautify what I love the most- my home.

He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

The first thing is this ‘Traditional Silver Night Lamp’ by ‘925 Silver’. Firstly, it looks really regal and as if straight out of a royal palace! The net that is covering it will create beautiful patterns on the wall, thus eliminating the need of a wall paper or paintings. The design and the looks of this lamp will definitely make the room look imperial! 

Not just walls, floor needs some decoration too and often we just ignore the poor floor while lading our walls with all the decorative stuff! So, I would choose this lovely Aapno Rajasthan Wood Clay Keri Floor Art. Rangoli is an important as well as an auspicious part of the Indian culture. So, I will choose this and place it at the entrance. 

Whenever we think of ‘ethnic’, what crosses our minds first? I’ll give you my honest answer- green fields, Indian patterns, embroidery and pots. Remember those lovely earthen matkee that heroines in b/w movies would take along when they would go singing all the way to the village pool or well? So, check this out- Aapno Rajasthan Wallmount Set Of Miniature Pots- a perfect ethnic wall décor with those charming pots in various ‘Madhubani’ and Worli’ designs. It will bring the art of Bihar and Maharashtra to my home!

So, for an ethnic look for my home, I will go for these three products discussed above! For more such wonderful things, please visit- www.makemyhome.com 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What’s Wrong With Indian Men???

I am sure there is something seriously wrong with Indian men. A few minutes back, I have just returned from a reputed bank and really wish to share the incident. I went there along with my father and was wearing a knee- length dress. It was a usual one piece dress which was not at all revealing or indecent in any manner. However, as I entered, the bank guard stared at my bare legs in such a dirty way that I had to resist myself from slapping him tight. He then tried giving me a smile and while I was interacting with a bank official, I saw him hovering around, staring at my legs, enjoying the ogling act with an equally obnoxious colleague. As we proceeded towards the exit door, he again tried giving me a smile. I wonder if wearing a dress is such a crime that a girl is perceived as a piece of meat and has to bear all those lecherous gazes that are indeed an assault on dignity. There is something very wrong with most of the Indian males. I know so many men from well respected and educated families who have absolutely no manners to behave with women and no inhibitions before raising their voice and even hands on them. It shames me that our society is really rotten in this regard.

It also makes me feel extremely ashamed that two of my male cousins fall into this category. I have snapped ties with both of them as the last resort. Nothing deters them from indulging in violence and verbal abuse but the most disturbing thing is that their mothers consider it to be very normal. Both are engineers and have educated and working parents but lack even a trace of sophistication. I often wonder why the hell they are related to me. This is such a punishment.

However, I think there is no character development as far as male progenies are concerned for parents devote their entire energy and ‘sanskaars’ towards girls, training them in coyness and to stay subdued and quiet, and to coil within like a snail when any male shows interest or behaves indecently. It would have been much better if most Indian parents had taught their sons to respect women.

Indian male mentality sucks and I feel ashamed of my culture that treats women like an object of fun and a piece of meat.

PS: To hell with such pigs- I’ll buy a dress today.