Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thanks Fi!

This is inspired by Princess Fiona's works. Thanks Fi for motivating me to try something really creative like this!

Space filled
Universe, I wonder
If I am , a part of the
Ever flowing river; sitting in
My own reverie, I ponder on stars and the
Bright moon. Why the stars twinkle? Is this their
    Joy or drops of tears, I wonder why moon is so shy why he wears robes 
white every night. I wonder life and death About 
friendship and love. Are my feelings as vast
And as deep as the skies? what am I? Just
Another entity or a world of my own?
Like a leaf in a huge tree
That is my entity
Tree is green
Happy and

Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Review-The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Title:         The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Author:      Mohsin Hamid
Pub:          Penguin
ISBN:        978-0-143-06424-4
MRP:         ` 250/-

To say that I simply liked my latest read, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ would definitely be an understatement. I loved this book immensely and it has now become one of my favorites. Written in a monologue style by Pakistan Born and Harvard educated, Mohsin Hamid, the book makes us ponder on a very important aspect. This thin book (184 pages) is filled with a meaningful and stirring narration.

The story revolves around a young professional named ‘Changez’. He narrates his four year US stay to an American in a local eatery in Lahore. The narration technique is ‘Monologue’, that is only one side describes every detail including the reactions of the other characters as well. The magic of the plot lies in its ending where a powerful secret is revealed in a very subtle way.

Here is the story in brief: Changez arrives to study in Princeton University from Lahore at the age of 18. After his studies are over, he joins a top valuation company. On a camping trip to Greece, he gets smitten by Erica, who suffers from chronic depression. After the twin tower tragedy, Changez gets disturbed by the behavior of Americans towards Muslims and decides to return to his hometown, Lahore. He takes up the job of a university professor. The best thing is the ending that is not only shocking but is in fact a sad reality.
The book seeks to convey that violence is tragic not only for the victim but for the perpetrator as well. How violence can devastate the lives of common people on both the sides and converts them into hardcore ‘fundamentalists’, though ‘reluctantly’ has been described wonderfully by Mr. Hamid.

This book was short-listed for Man Booker Prize 2007.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

कोई चला तो था इन राहों में......

कोई चला तो था साथ तेरे कुछ दूर तलक
पूछा करती है अक्सर ये सुनसान सड़क 
कौन से दयार पर हयात ले आई आज 
रही न वो बेखुदी जिसपे करते थे नाज़ 

न वो दस्त-ए-यार रहे न कोई हमसफ़र
बीते तमाम खुशनुमा पहर; ढल गयी मुबारक सहर
हमदम फ़क़त खामोश राहेंये मैला असमान 
सरमाया फ़क़त तीरगी में लिपटा एक खाली सा मकान 

ये  किसके घर में आ रुका मेरा कारवां 
हँसते हैं साए अजनबी से, आईनों में जहाँ 
सराब निकली वो राह-ए-ख्वाब-ए-हयात 
चले थे जिस पे कभी हम साथ साथ 

पता न था करेंगे इस कदर शिकवा तेरा 
होगा तेरी ही तन्हाई से फिर निकाह मेरा 
ये स्याह ख़ार-ए-दर्दये कहर तेरा 
है वफ़ा-ए-पाक का इनाममेहर मेरा 

चलता रहे तुम्हारा  सिलसिला-ए-तिजारत यूँ ही
मांगी फिर एक दुआ तेरे लिए  ही 
के हो न जाए कभी शर्मसार मेरा यार-ए-दरिं 
खुदा ना ही करवाए तुझे अब दीदार मेरा 

चूर चूर बिखरा वो आईना 'हमारा'
रहा अक्स को भी नागवार साथ तेरा-मेरा
रिहा कर दिए आज खुद से तेरे आखिरी निशां
के उढ़ा आये सबाह में ख़ाक -ए-आशियाँ 

  • हयात=ज़िन्दगी/Life 
  • दस्त-ए-यार=यार के हाथ/Hands of the beloved
  • फ़क़त =सिर्फ/Only
  • सरमाया=खज़ाना/Treasure 
  • सराब=मृगतृष्णा/Mirage
  • स्याह=काला रंग/Color Black 
  • ख़ार=काँटा/Thorn
  • सिलसिला-ए-तिजारत= व्यापार/A tendency to deceive (acc. to context) 
  • यार-ए-दरिं=पुराना दोस्त/ Old friend
  • सबा=हवा/Breeze