Monday, March 30, 2009

Sarojini Naidu ( 1879-1948)

This poetess also known as Nightingale of India, was also the very first Indian women president of Indian National Congress.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hail..... retail.......!!!!

Well on Saturday, I went for a hangout with a close friend after a long time. My friend is getting married in a few months and is thus very optimistic about receiving gifts,  so I shopped for a few items for myself in a well known mall. When we were at the cash counter, I noticed a peculiar thing that I had notice earlier too but in a very subtle manner; this time it struck me, probably because now I am a blogger and it gave me another thing to crib about...Haha!

       Now, what I noticed is people purchase stuff worth thousands. They put each and every thing in their trolley that their ‘nazar’ falls upon. Thus, at the already congested cash counter, they arrive like a supplier of goods rather then a customer. But, while the stuff is being billed, they suddenly recall the usefulness of everything. And then begin discarding not-so-useful-ones, one by one. More than half of the stuff in the trolley is sometimes dumped at the cash counter only. And the mall management had two runners deployed only to return these dumped items onto their respective shelves! Well! The open retailing coupled with the credit card system has given us a new hope of owning all the things we could only dream of, though on credit. 

But however on a serious note, credit is credit, no matter in whatever form it may come.