Tuesday, August 17, 2010


On my way to my rainbow
That is but in my mind,
I raced as always and met a spider
“You are mad” I said
Your web is nothing but a mirage
For you rule here alone
Unheard of, in a kingdom unknown
Too proud of your imaginary throne

Nay... friend, you are a like fellow too, said he
I live in my kingdom and you in your perception
That being but a faint shadow of reality
You erect huge walls and let not the ideas in
Stagnant frame rots and you dance in the sweet scent
Shunned ideas lay like dead and your merry your win
Are you not living in your own world?
My kingdom still is better for it is real and stout
And yours, made up of imporous walls
That keeps all new change far and out

In shame hung my head
How exact was each word he said!
I pondered and the spider was true
I am a criminal, the victim being my soul
As I broke the walls , like a bird it flew!