Monday, June 21, 2010


When life takes a toll
When soul needs a stroll

I think of Your power divine
That can bless this life of mine

For You are there in every sphere
In gloom, in joy, in sadness and cheer

In every single soul, rich or poor
You manifest everywhere

Thinking of You frees my mind
All basal desires are left behind

As I move to Your sphere
I can feel you close and near

You are my lover and my friend
For such bonds stay, even after life ends

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sir Albert Einstein

14 March 1879- 18 April 1955

He is often regarded as the father of modern physics. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.



To have them or not is a big debate. While some people are frantically against them, some need them every day…I am talking of eggs (cultured artificially). I have been eating eggs since childhood. In fact, when I was in nursery class or so, I was literally crazy about boiled eggs. Vegetarianism has been divided into  two major categories- egg and non egg eaters. I am absolutely against non vegetarian food but despite repeated attempts and requests from PETA crazy classmates I still find it difficult to stop taking eggs. I have not eaten them since 2008. It has been two years and I am not going to continue this trend further!
Making promises is not difficult at all, keeping them is. But why do we have this tendency? Why do we love making the same mistake twice? Why do most of us fancy ourselves as outlaws’? Why is it so very difficult to keep a vow? I think, when you take a vow of not doing a thing, you feel like doing it even more, that too, with a new intensity. That is why most New Year resolutions fail badly. One needs a great amount of zeal and enthusiasm towards the thing you have taken vow of not repeating.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Since last week, I was thinking over something. Not only thinking but in a way properly pondering over it. I tried validating my newly found theory too and to my surprise, the results were very positive. Actually it was a serendipity, my eureka moment!!

Actually, one fine morning when I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly something struck my mind. There are some people who think before speaking. They weigh every word and each word spoken out carries a meaning. They speak less and that too very carefully. It is often difficult to get information out of them easily. It is very difficult to lure such people into a fluke or take them for a ride. Now, just go a little deeper, analyze them as shoppers and customers. They might see lots of attractive things in the market but will select only a few. It becomes very difficult for sales staff to lure them into a bad deal. Each item they select has a specific use and provides full return on the investment. In a nut shell, such people are careful shoppers.

Now reverse the situation, people who speak without thinking too much are more likely to find themselves cheated. They have loose controls on their purse strings and, on a little persuasion, are highly likely to buy products and services they do not really need. It is also very easy to extract even the most personal information from them.
The reason I think for this is that hand is ultimately a function of mind only. Self controlling power is important, it reflects in everything. If you can control your words well, you can control your wallet very well too. Conversely, those who are generally careless and footloose shoppers are hardly likely to keep a secret to them selves. Some people get what attracts, rather whatever is made out to attract them, even if the merchant is charging many times the actual amount. That’s because it is difficult for them to control their desires; they have to do what they are feeling like at that very moment. They succumb to the impulse of the moment. Such people cannot be trusted with confidential information and secrets. And on the other hand, people who can see through marketing gimmicks and strategies and hold their money tight are less likely to spill your secrets to the world.

I applied this hypothesis to many of my friends and relatives, and to my surprise, the theory came out right almost always. I don’t know if you will accept my theory or not but I have started believing it. Some of you may find this thing nonsensical, but just give a try and please let me have your feedback too!!