Monday, June 21, 2010


When life takes a toll
When soul needs a stroll

I think of Your power divine
That can bless this life of mine

For You are there in every sphere
In gloom, in joy, in sadness and cheer

In every single soul, rich or poor
You manifest everywhere

Thinking of You frees my mind
All basal desires are left behind

As I move to Your sphere
I can feel you close and near

You are my lover and my friend
For such bonds stay, even after life ends


  1. firstly, liked the template. secondly, awesome poem
    thirdly, please keep updating ur blog regularly

  2. hiii!

    thanks yaar G3... :D

    m soo glad u liked it.. yes I will keep updating regularly :)

  3. beuatiful!!! :-)
    Sorry for not being in touch but really bz...
    tc and keep blogging!

  4. good poem...AS

    Poem or prayer or both,
    like a holy book wrapped in cloth.
    Fate of AS is now sealed,
    an it cannot be changed
    however hard she may appeal
    She gonna be a prophet, a leader of the meek.
    But she will still give me
    my due fees every week.


  5. hiiii Aditi

    hey! where r u these days yaar! yaad kar liya karo kabhi kabhi :)

    thanks! I am glad u liked it!!

  6. hiii Ashu Bhaiyya!

    heheheh! very nice poem :D

    fees to main nai dene wali! hahahaha!!

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  8. loved this one .. very nice!

  9. hii Sid

    thanks a ton :)

  10. Aaha! Wonderful Poetry Ankita :)

    Really felt supported and empowered. Thank you for your creation, keep going :)

  11. Hi Chinmayi

    Thanks a ton!! I am so glad that you liked this poem :)