Friday, August 28, 2015


Clinched fists defy that smile of yours
And your cheer veils a certain wrath
Behind those eyes, those sparkling ones
I can read some hushed up words
Unspoken but not unfathomed
They perch as grim clouds black,
Sending shivers down my back

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Squirrel And The Bird!

On one huge tree, lush and wide
With leaves green, flowers white
And branches dancing in breeze
A tiny squirrel was at slight unease
As this was the third time this week
When she had peanuts for snack
Too bored, she ran to her shack
High upon the tree, on a bough
Next to the office of Mr. Crow
Who was also the Chairman
Of company ‘Jet Black Aviation’

He looked at her and gave a grin
To which she said a hello to him
And knocked at her round gate
Made totally out of walnut case
She went in and asked her mother
“Why peanuts for snack and supper?”
But momma squirrel was a bit busy
And that made the little one edgy
She again rushed outside in a jiffy
Before momma could solve her query

There she saw her buddy, the bird
Who was of the same age as her
Eating quietly her butter-popcorn
At her glanced the squirrel little
Both had fought over a matter trifle
Birdie teased one popcorn at her
And she threw her peanuts in anger

Old Rev. Sir Parrot when saw all that
Slowly flew down putting on his hat
He called both, squirrel and the bird
Adjusting his red necktie, said-
‘To share is friendship
A thing most precious
Have snacks together
To stay buddies forever!
A friend is a lovely thing
And is God’s blessing!’
He smiled at the squirrel and bird
And then went back to his work

The little squirrel and her friend
That day had their soreness end
After that they shared the meals
And always stayed best buddies!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Capsicorn Craving!

My Pasta Story

Most of the foods carry a certain image that can be difficult to shed off sometimes. For example, most people consider the South Indian cuisine as very spicy. Similarly, Chinese food is often perceived to be full of cabbage and carrots. Pasta too carried such a notion for my cousin who had always discarded it as ‘junk’ and in the category of shunned foods. “You see, this pasta-wasta does not appeal to me,” he would say, till I prepared a dish with some of my own improvisations that he liked immensely. Del Monte Pasta is made up of high quality Durum wheat (also known as Macroni Wheat) and is nutritious. The sauce also contains veggies and tomato and hence nutrition is not lost like in other western foods. So here I gladly present the dish that helped me change the perception of my cousin and now he does not stop his kids from enjoying this wonderful Italian snack.


I have Farfalle Pasta that looks like a bow-tie. The ‘Farfalle’ is an Italian word for ‘butterfly’ as it also resembles a butterfly’s wings.

However, before we begin, I would like to present some info regarding Pasta:
  •          Pasta is eaten as a staple food in Italy.
  •          It dates back to the year 1154 AD.
  •          Pasta comes in more than 300 specific forms and shapes.
  •          The word ‘Pasta’ comes from the Greek word ‘Pestos’ that means ‘salted’.
  •          Pasta comes in two major varieties- fresh (fresca) and dried (secca).

So let’s go!

These were some interesting tidbits and now presented is the dish I have named ‘Pasta Capsicorn ’ for I just love corns! This makes Pasta not only different but healthy as well.

  This preparation of Pasta Capsicorn -
  1.      Serves three
  2.      Preparation time is around 10 minutes
  3.      Cooking time is around 15 minutes
  4.      Utensils (main) needed are a non-stick heating pan, a boiling pan, a strainer and a serving dish.



Del Monte Pasta
Water (for boiling)
Finely chopped onions
Garlic cloves
Finely chopped Green chilies
Boiled Corns
Chopped Capsicum
Chili powder
Processed Cheese
Corn flour
Olive/ groundnut Oil
Lemon and Coriander
Garlic butter /Plain butter

150 gms
3-4 cups
1 or 2
2 Tablespoons
Half Teaspoon/2.5 gms
1 or 2 slices/cubes
1 small teaspoon/4 gms
1 tablespoon
As per taste
For garnishing
Half a teaspoon


1.  Boil pasta for around 15 minutes on a high flame. Add a few oil drops to keep pasta flakes from sticking together.  Also add half of teaspoonful of salt. When soft, drain and keep aside. 

2.   Heat oil in a pan and sauté chopped garlic, onions and green chilies along with salt (to taste).

3.  When the onions are translucent, add chopped capsicum and salt to taste and sauté some more till the capsicum is free of its ‘rawness’.

4.  Meanwhile, put tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes, cool them and peel off the skins and mash them finely.

5.   Add chili powder and tomatoes to the mixture in the pan.

6.   After a few minutes, add boiled corns and mix well.

7.   Now add corn flour (mixed with very little water) to hold or bind the sauce together.

8.   Heat the mixture over the flame for some more time while stirring continuously. Add some water if the mixture is thick.
9.   Finally, add boiled pasta and mix well and stir for a minute or two.

10.   Remove from flame and mix lemon juice and processed cheese. Garnish with coriander and a dash of garlic butter.

‘Pasta Capsicorn ’ is ready to be served and enjoyed!

After I prepared this dish, my cousin who is quite stingy with compliments, showered many upon me and his delusion that Pasta was unhealthy was also broken. Pasta is an immensely enjoyable dish and comes in many varieties. If you are too busy to prepare the sauce, Del Monte ready-made sauces can also be used. My favorite of all the sauces is ‘Arrabbiata’ which is a slightly tangy tomato-onion Pasta sauce.

I hope you will enjoy the dish as well. Thank you and all the best!


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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Poseidon is one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain is the ocean, and he is called the "God of the Sea". Additionally, he is referred to as "Earth-Shaker" due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the "tamer of horses". He is usually depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard. Poseidon was a major civic god of several cities and in Athens, he was second only to Athena in importance, while in Corinth and many cities of Magna Graecia he was the chief god of the Polis.

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