Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Squirrel And The Bird!

On one huge tree, lush and wide
With leaves green, flowers white
And branches dancing in breeze
A tiny squirrel was at slight unease
As this was the third time this week
When she had peanuts for snack
Too bored, she ran to her shack
High upon the tree, on a bough
Next to the office of Mr. Crow
Who was also the Chairman
Of company ‘Jet Black Aviation’

He looked at her and gave a grin
To which she said a hello to him
And knocked at her round gate
Made totally out of walnut case
She went in and asked her mother
“Why peanuts for snack and supper?”
But momma squirrel was a bit busy
And that made the little one edgy
She again rushed outside in a jiffy
Before momma could solve her query

There she saw her buddy, the bird
Who was of the same age as her
Eating quietly her butter-popcorn
At her glanced the squirrel little
Both had fought over a matter trifle
Birdie teased one popcorn at her
And she threw her peanuts in anger

Old Rev. Sir Parrot when saw all that
Slowly flew down putting on his hat
He called both, squirrel and the bird
Adjusting his red necktie, said-
‘To share is friendship
A thing most precious
Have snacks together
To stay buddies forever!
A friend is a lovely thing
And is God’s blessing!’
He smiled at the squirrel and bird
And then went back to his work

The little squirrel and her friend
That day had their soreness end
After that they shared the meals
And always stayed best buddies!

Images from- here and here


  1. A truly delightful read, I smiled all through. You have a way with words, and well done for that brilliant piece!

    1. Hi Blogoratti

      Thanks a ton! :D

      That is a lovely compliment!!

  2. Well written Ankita. Friendships are a thing to treasure and lucky are the ones who have great friends :).

    1. Hi Harini

      Thanks a lot! yes, very true :)

  3. So cute! In addition, I saw many other shades also like an employee being paid very less salary , bu then suddenly a friend comes to his/her rescue and may be the person has a job change and is now living happily!!!

    1. Hi Vandana

      Thank youuu! :)

      yes, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

  4. Well done.. U have done good in writing kids poem..

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Vanderloost

      Thanks a ton! :)

  6. Lovely tale! Simply says the meaning of life, which for me is quite sharing.

  7. Aww, so cute! And well written! Thanks for sharing!