Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today while listening to a Hindi song, a point struck me. I pondered over the style of lyrics of bollywood numbers and English songs. Both are very popular and music of any sort tends to make you groove but this thing is a bit different. Indian songs, be it folk or regular movie ones, have thoughtfully crafted lyrics with deep meanings, and rhyming so beautifully that they make you sing and sway with the song. The songs become much more enjoyable because of these wonderfully woven words. I am not criticizing but except a few English songs, most numbers have a complete emphasis on beats and music and the lyrics are often ignored. The poetry and prose of Hindi songs and the descriptions of nature, emotions and beauty that make up a song are amazing. Although music gets you high , only lyrics make you feel the song in its right spirit. Good lyrics also make the song memorable.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shera Speaks!

Madam CM ji, please have some pity,
These lake sized holes and roads dirty
Make my little heart go down
Though envoy,I feel like a clown

Crime has taken a toll
Law & order both went for a stroll
It seems you are sleeping and snoring
While the Delhi is weeping and howling

Please listen to our pleas
Delhi is also full of dirt and fleas
Ever since the Yamuna went crazy
A few hopes left  now, seem hazy

Anyways, now you have a different case
Since the godsend rain has saved your face
Now you have  got something to blame
And save your chair and your name.

But first please answer my question
You may even lose the election*  
Which causes more destruction?
Nature or this deep set corruption?

*Thanks SG

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Best Revenge

Every one of us, at some point of time or the other has felt ditched and used. It is a very common feeling but the most important thing is how we really manage our revenge and anger. Some people are extremely vindictive and they literally plot strategies and traps to hit back with double intensity. I read a quote by Gautam Buddha some time back; it said ‘when you throw a burning coal at someone, you burn your fingers first’, and I feel this is absolutely true. I feel there is no point in burning with vengeance day and night. I believe that success is the best revenge. Focus on your goal and become more successful than those who have hurt you. And believe me, ignoring and outshining your enemy is the best “clean” defeat he can suffer at your hands. 
I have tried to pen down my feelings in these few lines of poetry:

With my heart burning with vengeance, a curse came to my lips 
For I still remorse that time my heart was crushed to pieces

Words and more words, harsh as stones and poison arrows
Pierced through me and made an insignia of sorrows

But unlike you, I shall never stoop that low
And I forgive you for being reason of my woe

My lips stayed closed and parted not
My eyes now fixed at my own rainbow

I have attained freedom from all mental filth
For I know that revenge is a murderer
And two graves always she digs

I thank god for our separation
And that in you, I do not see my reflection

I am whatever, but not like you my foe
For it’s not thorns but flowers that I now sow

I refuse to take this path of darkness
Coz I know that my best revenge being only success

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The True Saviour

While taking a stroll outside
Praising the deep, dark but starry night
Cool breeze, bright stars and the lovely moonlight
Like molten silver dripping from misty skies

When a painful cry caught my attention,
A tiny plant it was and to the ground it had fallen
Separated in one stroke, from its brethren

I decided to let it suffer not
But planted it in a new earthen pot

In a few days, it regained its sheen
From dull yellow to fresh green
Its joy could be easily seen

“You seem hale now I see,
Feel obliged forever and  be grateful to me”
Said I, swelling with pride and vanity.
With a mystic smile said he
“Though thankful I am to you but grateful only to Thee”

“But I saved your life, so why not just me? "
“Coz you were sent by Him only
The true savior of all beings is almighty
The good God lets no being suffer lonely”
Pat came his crisp reply with a meaning deep to imply

God helps all of us in the hour of need
For world is a rosary, every being but a bead
To His divine abode we all must proceed
With faces smiling and hearts without ego and greed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Again the misty morning came,
For each day the ritual was same
The leaf‘s heart desired for that bliss
Longed for a hug and prayed for a kiss

Once again the dew arrived on the leaf
Shining and happy for their meet
Than the dew disappeared in the ground
The leaf’s heart little was again drowned

One day he said to his beau, “why can’t I hold you forever?
Why can’t we be united to be separated never?”
The dew smiled and said “my beloved, this is the eternal wish of all the lovers,
You are not alone.
Union and separation is the holy wish, 
The wish of thee, One who wears the ultimate throne”

Said the leaf once more
“His wish I too adore,
But my love longs for inseperation
For I no more can bear this heat of desperation”

Dew smiled and said “love is not union, nor depression, 
nor desperation and not even the gloom of seperation

Pure love is fresh like some rose in full bloom
As pure as some child’s smile
Calming like wet earth’s own perfume
And as rich as some land fertile

When lovers long deeply in the silence of the night
Unknown to the sleeping world and their agony burning bright
From deepest heart they pray to see each other
To be embraced and weave dreams together

Beloved leaf, love means not only rosy days
But a heat of longing that never ever fades
No matter how deep cuts the separation’s blades”

The leaf smiled and the dew as well
Both had got the meaning of love
In each other’s hearts they dwell
And thanked for it, the heavens above!