Thursday, September 2, 2010


Again the misty morning came,
For each day the ritual was same
The leaf‘s heart desired for that bliss
Longed for a hug and prayed for a kiss

Once again the dew arrived on the leaf
Shining and happy for their meet
Than the dew disappeared in the ground
The leaf’s heart little was again drowned

One day he said to his beau, “why can’t I hold you forever?
Why can’t we be united to be separated never?”
The dew smiled and said “my beloved, this is the eternal wish of all the lovers,
You are not alone.
Union and separation is the holy wish, 
The wish of thee, One who wears the ultimate throne”

Said the leaf once more
“His wish I too adore,
But my love longs for inseperation
For I no more can bear this heat of desperation”

Dew smiled and said “love is not union, nor depression, 
nor desperation and not even the gloom of seperation

Pure love is fresh like some rose in full bloom
As pure as some child’s smile
Calming like wet earth’s own perfume
And as rich as some land fertile

When lovers long deeply in the silence of the night
Unknown to the sleeping world and their agony burning bright
From deepest heart they pray to see each other
To be embraced and weave dreams together

Beloved leaf, love means not only rosy days
But a heat of longing that never ever fades
No matter how deep cuts the separation’s blades”

The leaf smiled and the dew as well
Both had got the meaning of love
In each other’s hearts they dwell
And thanked for it, the heavens above!


  1. wonderful! I admire the simplicity of the poem. More like a poem for kids..fresh and innocent :)

  2. I love the poem. More heartfelt and innocent.

  3. yes..and also the choice of pics..makes the poem more fresh...simple n neat

  4. beautiful conversation. I love this one, wonderful!

  5. beautiful pics and beautiful poem.
    i loved the theme and my fav line
    Calming like wet earth’s own perfumeAnd as rich as some land fertile

  6. love is not union, nor depression,
    nor desperation and not even the gloom of seperation..

    Loved it.. lovely.. love! sigh!

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    thanks a ton! I loved the second pic (red heart)

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  11. this is beautiful, i brought me to tears. I love your writing! I've bookmark your blog!

  12. hey Lynn

    thanks dear for such a wonderful compliment.. I am so glad :)

    please keep coming :)

  13. simply superb,. very very nice.

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  15. veera ranganath sagarJanuary 12, 2012

    beautifully written

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