Monday, May 18, 2009

A demo of democracy

This year is a special one for us. “Us’ refers to India and Indian citizens who have given a good demo of democracy in these elections, voting out goons and using their vote-power up to a good extent. The voter turnouts have been good with a higher percentage of the first- time voters. The young citizens have finally awakened in a true sense and seem to be spirited. Hope this spirit goes a long way. I am happy because Mayawati is out (prayers do work yaar!) ; Shibu Soren, and Paswan are out too while Laloo has been adequately humbled.  Apart from modeling, politics is another career option wherein there is no place for inhibitions. All the politicians, be it Lalu or Soren, go upto limits of obstinacy and shamelessness. The injured tigress Mayawati is bewildered after defeat and has asked 150 officials for their resignations. This time politicians have seen only a small trailer of the power of the people.

 Singh is king again. Sonia is the undisputed mastermind at the helms of Congress affairs. Defying the forecasts made by all the astrologers who said there is no ‘yoga’ in his ‘kundali’ of becoming PM again, Singh has secured his place once more, and I personally feel he is one single decent man who, even for his hardest opponents, always uses decent words, unlike many others,  like Narendra Modi who once called Rahul Gandhi a ‘hybrid bachchda’ (A mixed breed calf). This also forms the impression of a party overall.

 Coming to the kundali of Congress; if your enemy makes a mistake, you win by default. Much of this happened with congress. When country has many a crisis to deal with and is juggling with serious issues like terrorism and recession, Rajnath Singh had ‘Ram mandir’ on his mind. He declared before elections that as soon BJP would gain power, it would build the temple. And then Varun Gandhi and his ever burning fire of ‘herogiri,’ all these factors combined with BJP’s image of being a Hindutva chauvinist party, events like overtly or covertly supporting Muthaliks’s Ram Sene  (which subsequently got a slap on its face in form of ‘pink chaddi’ campaign), Bal Thakery’s Shiv Sena and V-day ‘tod-phod’ made voters change their minds and go for other parties, automatically paving way for the defeat of this pro Hindu party.


The Taj hotel attacks have outraged the public and it vented its anger and frustration like never before, although I personally feel had this happened in Dharavi, no one would have bothered or actually given a second thought, and it would have been just another headline but since rich people and celebes were involved, it became a big issue of international discussion. As the saying goes ‘a rich man’s joke is always funny’ and so, the attack on a rich man is always serious. Anyways it’s not the point here that for whom the attack was actually intended but it’s after effects that changed the face of democracy in India. I could not cast my vote because my name was missing from the voters’ list. But I am really happy to see this year Indians, youngsters in particular, being serious and aware well as excited over their rights and making thoughtful choices rather than skipping or casting votes for the heck of it.