Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Copycat Gatsby!

When I saw the first look of ‘The Xpose’, I felt like laughing out loud on Mr. Reshammiya’s copied style. I do not understand why he is hell bent on torturing the audience with his hero-panti antics. Soon to be released ‘The Xpose’ that also stars Yo Yo Honey Singh, whose spiritual sermons are a must have in every pervert’s collection, has tried to present Himess-bhai very much like the magnetic Jay Gatsby portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio in the 2013 movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. Be it settings, background or choreography, everything is just so similar! However, Himess-bhai, with a dead serious expression, looks too ordinary compared to the charismatic Leo in the toast raising scene (against the backdrop of the sky). This made me ponder over another serious thing- why we are so short of imagination and creativity? Why do we not create our own styles, settings and themes? We take pride in our culture, art, music and blah blah blah but if looked closely, most of the filmy music and even the choreography are straight lifted from Hollywood.

Take the scenes from the hit ‘Barfi’ for instance. From Charlie Chaplin’s b&w movies to various Hollywood hits like ‘Notebook’, Barfi is more of a collection of copied scenes, translated and presented with a desi tadka.  Also, the choreography of the latest hit ‘Baby Doll’ too, has been copied in parts from a music video by Jennifer Lopez.

Why do we lack thought that is novel and different? Rather than lifting with such an audacity, we must aspire to create art that is worth aping. The point is to change the grass root attitudes and turn the tables. By the way, just check out this Xpose trailer. Even the posters are so similar...gawd!

Oh! Fitzgerald’s spirit must be brooding in heaven!

Images: http://www.pinkvilla.com/files/images/barfi-copied.jpg