Sunday, November 22, 2015

Keep Moving!

There is no dearth of inspiring people in life. One doesn’t find them only on the cover of the Iconic Times magazine or in Forbes list; if you look around, such people are everywhere and you will often bump into one and realize that she/he is indeed #madeofgreat.

One of my college friends was very interested in astrology esp Indian Astrology. He wanted to study this subject for professional purposes but as usual, his family wanted him to be an executive in a reputed MNC so despite his pleadings, he was just not allowed to enroll even for a correspondence course on Vedic Astrology and was rather excoriated by his parents for wasting his precious time in these things. He discussed the things with me casually one day and I realized how badly he wanted to learn the nuances of Vedic Astrology. We all have such choices: one wants to learn a particular dance form, other wishes to learn some musical instrument, someone else wishes to open a beauty salon and there is no dearth of hobbies that we would happily like to pursue and take up as mainstream career. However, practical considerations often crush such hobbies and we ourselves forget to pay attention to our natural talents and inclinations. My friend, I am discussing about really inspired me because along with MBA and later a job, he persisted in studying the subject all by himself. Through free online resources, books and CDs he became well versed with birth charts and other things that constitute Vedic Astrology. Now, he can make and read birth-charts to a nice accuracy.

I too, had this peculiar interest in portrait sketching but it was ignored and other practical things took the centre stage. Inspired by him, as he would tell me, “ move an inch everyday but remember, do move”, I began to draw portraits almost every week and sometimes a few times a week. I kept practicing just like him and in 2013, one of my pencil sketches appeared on the cover of a book! That was a great moment. He only inspired me to keep moving with a side hobby and passion and not to ignore my natural inclinations. So I would say that when most of us, despite having all the resources at our disposal, quit easily, he did not and that is what proves that he is indeed inspiring and is #madeofgreat.

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Go For It!

This contest reminded me of a few people who have inspired me in different ways in life. One can find inspiration anywhere. Just two things, I think, are needed- one, an open attitude to imbibe inspiration without letting ego dominate and another, a certain perseverance to bring all those changes into one’s life.

So, the inspiration story began many years back when I was in my graduation. In summers I visited one of my uncles, who is often mocked for being slightly eccentric and odd (obviously behind his back!) and realized he was actually more mature than most of people around. He had this habit of starting off with the things and tasks he wished to complete without delays and deliberations. “The biggest hitch in doing something is ‘starting trouble’; just start it, and somehow it will be finished,” he would say. One may find this attitude brash and juvenile but it works! I had this habit of pondering over pending tasks like one stares for long at the bucket before taking a bath with cold water in winters or before giving a nice gift to a casual acquaintance! But he would just start off with the task and even though it would drag on for a few days, even weeks, finally it would be completed and would reap the gains. It could be as sundry as cleaning the cobwebs around the house to planting new trees and managing the garden to sorting out all stuff in the almirah and as big as changing jobs and travelling to distant places.

He once decided to make a DIY solar water heater and everyone laughed at his face but he was undeterred as usual. Sometimes, one has to be thick-skinned in a positive way. So, day by day he gathered all the resources including print-outs from the internet and materials and started off with the project. I told him that he could have got a solar heater readymade at much less price from the market but he said the joy of making something using one’s own hands and ideas was something different. So this project dragged for weeks, and lo and behold! one winter morning family folks found lukewarm water flowing out of the taps instead of ice cold water. His heater was finally completed and working. It was a nice project that made the people laughing at him shut their mouths up! This was just one example when he would just begin it enthusiastically and in most cases the task was completed.

How he inspired me? I always wanted to start my own venture. It was my wish to create a start-up but as usual I was procrastinating and wasting precious time. Finally, after being inspired by his attitude to chase dreams sans delay, after MBA I stared a web based company, my own start-up in the field I wanted to be in! When I started working upon the idea, things were not easy and there were confusions but still, just like him, I too, persisted and became what I wanted to be- an entrepreneur! So, this just-go-for-it attitude has inspired me many times in life and now it has become a part of my attitude; I just start whatever I have to do, however small or routine it may be, and it really gets completed! I think, this common man, despite having nothing to write home about, no celebrity status and no political connections, is indeed #madeofgreat

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grandma and Me!

“Oh! Look at this stretched lane, like a runway
Loud multihued lights with shrill music astray
Wacky world abound with all weird creatures
That girl with gaudy lips, green balloon shorts
Looks as a sibyl with a rabbit in clear net shirt
As damn proud of everything being odd in her
All so perplexing!” Wondered my grandmother

But I requested her to be cool and understand
The in & out of fancy world of models & ramps
Those gaudy sibyls were infact fashion models
Who earn millions to walk proud in high heels!

For Mag 292 Picture Prompt