Sunday, April 25, 2010


The debate is always heated up on the women reservation bill. In fact, it has been going on for last 13 years. Despite a lot of uproar, the Rajya Sabha finally gave a nod to this bill. Now a good 33 per cent of legislative seats in the Lok Sabha and the state Assemblies would be reserved for women. But it’s not over yet, a last step still remains. As we all know the real power lies with the Lok Sabha; its approval is still awaited.

But I perceive this entire bill thing to be nothing more than just another political crap. What advantage would a common Indian woman have if this bill is passed? Nothing. A common lady would receive nothing out of this political cocktail. There are other chronic problems that literally are curses for women, like female feticide, female illiteracy, eve teasing etc. These demand attention rather than that nonsensical bill lying in the Lok Sabha for approval.
I was literally shocked by a recent news item. Some delinquent youths harassed and abused their 13 year old house-maid. They even had the audacity to post the appalling video on YouTube. But the most unfortunate part of the whole story is that they were granted bail. Now why doesn’t the government try to make laws relating to abuse and harassment more stringent? Such psychopathic youths need a lesson or two.

Eve teasing is much more ubiquitous than we can ever imagine. Just pay a little attention, go a bit deep, you will notice that most men do this the whole day. It has become their favorite pastime. Most women prefer to stay mum and avoid giving a reply to such odious comments. The behavior of police too, is very non-cooperative in such cases. Why doesn’t the government make policemen a bit more sensitive and aware of their duties? 

One more recent news showed some thing extremely obnoxious and gory. Several underdeveloped female fetuses were found in a garbage bin in Ahemadabad (Gujrat). Steps need to be taken to implement the rules strictly to make female feticide impossible.

Domestic abuse is another problem. Most women suffer agony in silence for years. Instead of arguing endlessly for seats in Assembly, don’t you think it is better to do something that can provide a sense of safety and security to women who are victims of domestic and/or dowry abuse?

And one more angle is involved. I strongly feel by giving reservation to women, government is openly accepting the fact that women are weak and they need support. Rather government should try to cure the basic underlying problems that are compelling ladies to demand reservation. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Isn’t it?