Monday, May 18, 2009

A demo of democracy

This year is a special one for us. “Us’ refers to India and Indian citizens who have given a good demo of democracy in these elections, voting out goons and using their vote-power up to a good extent. The voter turnouts have been good with a higher percentage of the first- time voters. The young citizens have finally awakened in a true sense and seem to be spirited. Hope this spirit goes a long way. I am happy because Mayawati is out (prayers do work yaar!) ; Shibu Soren, and Paswan are out too while Laloo has been adequately humbled.  Apart from modeling, politics is another career option wherein there is no place for inhibitions. All the politicians, be it Lalu or Soren, go upto limits of obstinacy and shamelessness. The injured tigress Mayawati is bewildered after defeat and has asked 150 officials for their resignations. This time politicians have seen only a small trailer of the power of the people.

 Singh is king again. Sonia is the undisputed mastermind at the helms of Congress affairs. Defying the forecasts made by all the astrologers who said there is no ‘yoga’ in his ‘kundali’ of becoming PM again, Singh has secured his place once more, and I personally feel he is one single decent man who, even for his hardest opponents, always uses decent words, unlike many others,  like Narendra Modi who once called Rahul Gandhi a ‘hybrid bachchda’ (A mixed breed calf). This also forms the impression of a party overall.

 Coming to the kundali of Congress; if your enemy makes a mistake, you win by default. Much of this happened with congress. When country has many a crisis to deal with and is juggling with serious issues like terrorism and recession, Rajnath Singh had ‘Ram mandir’ on his mind. He declared before elections that as soon BJP would gain power, it would build the temple. And then Varun Gandhi and his ever burning fire of ‘herogiri,’ all these factors combined with BJP’s image of being a Hindutva chauvinist party, events like overtly or covertly supporting Muthaliks’s Ram Sene  (which subsequently got a slap on its face in form of ‘pink chaddi’ campaign), Bal Thakery’s Shiv Sena and V-day ‘tod-phod’ made voters change their minds and go for other parties, automatically paving way for the defeat of this pro Hindu party.


The Taj hotel attacks have outraged the public and it vented its anger and frustration like never before, although I personally feel had this happened in Dharavi, no one would have bothered or actually given a second thought, and it would have been just another headline but since rich people and celebes were involved, it became a big issue of international discussion. As the saying goes ‘a rich man’s joke is always funny’ and so, the attack on a rich man is always serious. Anyways it’s not the point here that for whom the attack was actually intended but it’s after effects that changed the face of democracy in India. I could not cast my vote because my name was missing from the voters’ list. But I am really happy to see this year Indians, youngsters in particular, being serious and aware well as excited over their rights and making thoughtful choices rather than skipping or casting votes for the heck of it.



  1. Sista....amazing. Its really good to see youngsters talking politics now, which was a dirty word until sometime back. Politicians lack shame. Rightly as you pointed out, Mayawati, Thank God she lost. Just imagine, if she were to become PM, the whole of India would be filled with her statues erected everywhere from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

    There was a recent article. A group of senior journalists from all over the world landed in India to learn how Indians conducted elections so seamlessly in such a large country. And what they felt about Lucknow was that it reminded them of Rome with so many statues everywhere!!!

    And your post is just right. SUCCINCT is the word.

  2. hii sis

    thanks a lotsa dear :)

    yes yaar,only she can be the only one to unveil her own statue!!

    yups, I feel youngsters can much better manage a young country like India. :)

  3. A very mature post, I agree totally...I also did pray hard that Mayawati loses!! :P
    She should actually be made to leave politics and put in a zoo....even animals wont let her be included in their category!! :)

    A very well timed post I must say!! Hope the UPA Government really does what it has promised, just like the Sri Lankan President, he delivered what he promised!

    keep writing!

  4. Hey AS...good one yaar. Singh is king again :) I am very happy with the election results. I just hope that Congress appoints good cabinet ministers...and I also hope that security and economic development is given priority. As for mayavati...hehehe yeah prayers worked, did'nt they? I feel bad that her dreams got shattered. But chalo theek hain...we will singh sorry sing...'singh is king'

  5. Hehe, congress rules us for 60 years and see what we have become!
    Manmohan Singh might have been the most innocent soul and the intelligenest person alive but by no means he looks like a leader. The person who cannot speak without reading, has 20 decibel voice limit cannot be a leader. He is a PM only because Sonia is from Italy!

    I know I am soundinh a bit harsh but I don't think running around a particular family is democracy. Why not monarchy for Gandhi family again! 80 year olds are saying, Thanku Rahul ji, aap nahi hote toh humara kya hota!

    I really really really hope that this govt does something that makes me proud as an Indian..

  6. hi Aditi.........:)

    thanks a lots dear :D
    yups yaar hamari duayein asar le aayin!!!
    all the corrupt politicians should me made to resign and put in a zoo, the most appropriate place for them ;D

  7. hii Gayathri :)

    thanks a lot dear for the comment :)

    yup yaar, BJP ne to kulhadi pe paer maar liya! to congress won by default heheheh!

    I just wish Mr P Chidambaram should not be given the finance ministry otherwise he will make even the provident fund taxable!! as he loves taking taxes from the poor aam janta.

  8. hii Abhinav

    thanks lot for the thoughtful comment :)

    yes yaar, I agree with u, sonia is the real queen. Manmohanji no doubt is very decent man but he needs to be a little more stronger and rigid for the post he acquires.

    but BJP created blunders yaar like ram mandir issue, and its pro hindutva policies, all these made voters averse to this party and congress won by default!

  9. Nice article. But you did not say anything about what happened in the South. Or, you did not say anything because it is beyond repair? Some one commented "hope that congress appoints good cabinet ministers". Just read that the CM of Tamil Nadu is trying to get 10 ministers for his party....at least 4 in the cabinet rank....3 of the 4 is for his son, his daughter, and his grand nephew.

  10. Nice blog. Some one suggested "hope Congress appoints good cabinet ministers". Just read the Tamil Nadu CM is trying to get 10 ministers for his party...4 cabinet rank....of the 4 cabinet rank, 3 for his family...1 for his son, 1 for his daughter, and 1 for his grand nephew.

  11. hii mano

    thanks a lot for commenting and welcome to humming words :D

    cn u plzz elaborate on this :)

  12. let the old men retire.. but they stay healthy.. sad indeed

  13. hiiii chriz

    m soo happy to see u on my blog!

    yup right, these are naughty oldies!!

  14. Well one thing i feel proud of the current elections is that people had voted for economic development not for caste based politics or for anyone's image. Hopefully the voters attitude matures with coming days !!!

    And with regards to the Mumbai attacks, it was a hulla-bulla. For the fact that very less percentage of Mumbai population had voted !

    Hope India continues to Shine ! :)

    The demo version was good enough !

  15. hii prashant

    thanks for the comment :)

    yes yaar, this time people have used the power of vote that had always remained dormant thus these elections are different from past elections.

    Mumbai attacks have gained so much attention only because celebs were involved. I too hope India continues to shine.

    I am happy that u liked the post :)

  16. Thumbs up for the post... :)
    after all 'any social reform depends on the power of the "weak"(read masses)' and its heartening to see that the Indian 'masses' is finally maturing politically!!

    keep posting... :)

  17. hii Pranjal

    tanks a lot for the wonderful comment :)

    yup I agree, the masses are now awakened and have shown a demo of the real democracy this year.

  18. Alright!! i finally made time for commenting (ages after i read the post!).. Sorry about the delay dear!

    Firstly very very gud post.. I think this election signifies the rise of new-age thinking of the young India. India where pro-development is the most important issue and not any temple,mosque or any other thing. Counter terrorism is imperative and not Blame game. I feel the voters have put their thought when casting the vote and have come up with a respectable mandate.

    Thankfully old,useless and culprits weeds like mayawati, shibu soren, arjun singh etc have been chased out and a fresh mix of old and young cabinet has been formed. This in the times of financial crunch and recession are signs of brave decisions and i only ope that this cabinet takes up the aam aadmis needs seriously.

    Its heartening to see first time voters coming out in dozens and exercising the most important right ( i couldnt!! i din get the voter card :( )... lets hope that we move forward from here and get to the best for ur country and ourselves!

    very nice post yaar


  19. hiii Rammy :)

    thanks a lot for such an amazing comment and really sorry for replying late :)

    thanks a lots for appreciating the post :) yups i too feel that voters have shown a good demo of their power this time. and parasite politicians are now weeded out by the once humble aam junta.
    and its really heartening to see most pple going for casting their votes in a thoughtful way :)

  20. Hmm.. I agree with u..splitsvilla is just waste of time..& the new show for Kingfisher is even worst..After seeing first two episodes i realized they just wanna show exposed body of women to attract crowd..that's pathetic..

  21. Bjp might never have thought they would face this ! :)

  22. hey babe....kahan ho yaar? exams kaise ja rahe hain?? shayad 17 ko khatm hone wale hain nah...

    wish you luck....some online sometime :)

  23. hii closeguy :)

    welcome to the hummingwords :)

    thanks a lot for the comments :)

    yup I agree, splitzvilla* is a shameless thing teaching vulnerable teenage kids bitching and politics, and the kingfisher show is just soo boring and stupid :(

    yup! BJP lost because of their ouddated policies. they would have never expected it hahaha!!

    * I commentd on the closeguy's post on splitzvilla, this is his reply.

  24. hiii Aditi

    m fine yaar , how r u ?

    yups exams are ending on 17, then viva voce ...u say. howz life goin ?? thanx a lot dear for the good wishes :)