Monday, November 4, 2013

On the Clouds (Guest Post)

This poem has been written by my cousin Ashutosh

Walked and walked
On the clouds..

Pushed by wind
Keeping moon behind
I strode along
Up and down
On curves of mist
With shady twists

Perched on a cottony cliff
I peered below
Saw a strange world
With diagrams of glow

No longer longing to go ahead
I stopped in my track
Turned my back

Walked and walked
On the clouds...


  1. Beautiful. Reminded me of an old song by DJ Tiesto which I forgot until I read this post.
    “I need to feel up
    Hope knows, I need it this way
    Like I'm walking on clouds
    I can't come down”

  2. A walk in the cloud :) cute and endearing one !

  3. Beautiful poem, Ankita! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ankita - You have been tagged and awarded. :)


  5. I want to add one more comment. This post is from Ashutosh. Thank you cousin Ashutosh for this beautiful post.

  6. Thanks, SG, Ankur and Katrin.

    As I am too lazy to write regularly, quite infrequently something creative sprouts once in a while out of the muds of lethargy in which I keep rolling shamelessly...

    Its Ankita's generosity that she takes my musings seriously and honours them by posting them on her wonderful blog.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments.

    1. C'on Ashu Bhaiyya! In fact you are my sweetest bro!


  7. I have nominated you for the Liebster award

  8. Well written, a good poem with wonderful imagination!! :)

    All the best to Ashutosh and thank you Ankita for sharing!!

  9. Yes, Ankita clouds and rains have been attractive for imaginations for all. So you said it.Nice.

    1. Hi Rudraprayaga

      This poem has been penned by my cousin :)

  10. Thanks Sai and Rudraprayag! I am glad that this short poem was liked by all...

    Imagination has no limits and casual non-serious imagination is the key to creativity...:-)


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