Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nasti- nest... :(

Well after a gap of many days, I was feeling like penning down something, again something I have observed. Although, I fully accept the fact that I crib about things a lot esp. those which are absolutely ultra vires that is out of my control. But still this time here’s what I have observed.

This picture should make it crystal clear since I swear by the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, just have a look below.

What do u see? what is it?? Strangely it is a nest. A bird made its nest in the garden of my aunt and here’s what things it used to make it…all crap, dirty things, papers, bits of old clothes, shreds of polythene bags and plastic straws. And I honestly feel it’s a reflection of what constitutes our environment in larger proportions…we are frankly not bothered about any ‘gandagi’ except of our own household... We consider parks and all the area outside our own homes as a free garbage dumping grounds, but that’s especially sad since even the most educated people can be spotted doing such things L

This dirty nest is an insult to our habits of cleanliness and says a lot about our fast degrading environment.


  1. The cows eat posters, birds build nest with strewn polythene, sparrows are no more common, elephants stray to nearby villages.....Pathetic. Man for his selfish needs has left other living beings in jeopardy.

  2. seriously man we are degrading the environment like anything...d pic has come up very well! it reflects how insesnsitive we are...

  3. hii sis

    yup yaar, my heart comes out when I see poor cows searching food in garbage.. :'(

    and we never lose a chance to give lectures to outsiders on how we worship cows and 'gau-mata' and all that crap, while we also know how different the reality is..

  4. hii Gayathri '

    this nest is literally made out of garbage..and is a refection of our env. we have no civic sense, sad but true:(

  5. sahi baat mautarma.. main aapki baton se ittefaaq rakhta hoon!

    } : - (

  6. hii Abhi

    shukriya janab :)

  7. hey buddy!!

    Missed reading your post ( blame it on the office!!)

    You've hit the bulls eye here! The picture speaks volumes about our insensitivity towards nature and the other living beings around us. Its such a shame to see the way we'r degrading our environment.. and not realizing the fact that these demons will come to haunt us in the days to come!
    We've already seen the effect of greenhouse gases and pollution (air,water and land). Unseasonal rains and what not!

    yet the man never learns from the mistakes!!

    So pertinent to our present day crisis.. well written buddy!


  8. hii rammyyyy

    missed u a lot :) and I hate ur office ;)..hehehe!!

    u r right, we never learn from our mistakes..take the example of Mumbai floods on 26 july, even after many years the situation is still the same :(

  9. wow! wonderful observation re. quite an interesting insight there.. thanx.

  10. heyy jinx

    thanks to u my dear for the wonderful comment :)