Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Some times such things happen that are beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Like you are having a dilemma and somebody unknown, a complete stranger smilingly walks up and provides you with a solution. You too, shed your inhibitions and discuss the problem openly and start feeling comfortable with him/her.
Here I am talking of such divine incidences that remain etched in one's memory for long rather forever. Meeting strangers and getting a solution is not uncommon; also going by the practical way of life it would rather seem very risky but there are some times when you instantly relate yourself to a stranger, your vibes match that of his/her or vice versa. All the confusions go and you feel yes! that’s what I always wanted to say or ask.

Can we say there is a divine element involved? If YES then certainly GOD exists and also that God himself might have met us incognito and if NO, then certainly there is something beyond the limit of human mind as such incidences do not deserve to be passed as just plain coincidences.

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