Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who can be called a terrorist?

The recent terror attacks (no need to specify the place as they have now become ubiquitous) left me not just depressed but contemplating too. People, including the most educated and modern ones, have been seen cribbing and calling Islam synonymous with terrorism. Even the most innocent Muslim citizens are perceived as a potential threat by their own friends and that is the most unfortunate part.

Is terrorism really synonymous with Islam? Answer is a big NO. Are LTTE Tigers of Sri Lanka Muslims? Or are they not terrorists? They killed a promising leader Rajeev Gandhi in a suicide bombing attack. Is the man Dara Singh, responsible for burning alive an Australian social worker and his innocent children in Orissa a Muslim? No again. Latest is the confession of a naxal cadre, that too on TV, for killing of Swami Laxmananand, because of which the Kandhmal riots started.

Are people spreading terror across Nepal Muslims? No again. Are the barbaric Maoists terror gangs Muslims? No again too. There is no dearth of examples of non-Muslim terrorists; only that they don’t occupy a centre stage in news. And some people seem to have a selective amnesia for them!

Recently, I happened to see a live debate on this topic on NDTV profit, at the end of which a lady posed a simple question, which left me thinking:

‘If we all convert to Islam will terrorism stop? ’

Any answers?

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