Thursday, October 9, 2008

AD SENSE : The print ads

Ads are sometimes no less then masterpieces. There is a high intensity creativity and brainstorming involved that when comes out in print is mind blowing.
  • Here are some print ads I got over the internet. 10 of them are given, some of them are award winners
  • Thanks to all the pple who have uploaded these ads over the intrnet!
1. Do not mix drinking and driving.

2. Hey! try khakis, after all Hitler wore then too!

3. See even ants now a days are figure concious !

4. Explore the wild side of urs!

5. My best friend : all the virtues of humans without their vices.

6. Paris Hilton Aunty ! we will miss u ;)

7. Ab koi darr nahi ! we re 100% safe.

8. Naughty socks!

9. Red bull coming!

10. 'Sangeet jaye sarhad ke paar'!

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