Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We keep reading about the independence of women all over. Each and every magazine and newspaper publishes something related to this topic every weekend. But is it really so in actual life? Except for a few Celebes, are Indian women really confident enough to face the world? Well, we actually have no logical and straight answer to this question, given all the different cultures and societies in a huge cultural melting pot known as India.

But my point is based on a thing I have noticed: why are we so paranoid about eating out alone. And why do we give mixed reactions of surprise and awe when we spot someone who is doing so? Is it a crime? Is it illegal, very outlawish, attracting a penalty? Why do we make our faces in protest when we spot someone, specially a girl, eating alone? We tend to jump to many conclusions, like

· she is devoid of all the friends in the world,
· she is very much single, willing to mingle
· she is depressed (poor soul),
· she has a lot of chutzpah, and yes,
· she is very western.

That poor girl (eating out alone) might not have any of these qualities. Are we really schizophrenic??at one hand we push our girls to step out alone, telling them to face the life and on the other pass strange looks?


    I never saw any girl eating alone...! There are so many lukkhe boys to pay their bills.. how can one eat alone..?

  2. I agree, it is just like when ppl see a girl drinking or smoking and conclude she is a slut.But then it is not all that bad and times are changing.I was reading the Brand Equity yesterday.The women marketers featured there said that once they crossed the initial entry point in their organizations and started delivering there was no gender bias.So sure times are changing,though it might be slow.As for eating out alone or even at home for that matter is a tad too boring for me.Its always fun to have a nice conversation while eating...

  3. hi Mihir

    thanks for this wonderful comment :)
    yes u r right..but, though the times ae changing ;in reality, people still are parnoid about eating alone.

  4. Oh my! A wonderful post. I myself have skipped my meals so many times for the fear of being stared at trying to eat alone outside. The looks are as if we are some aliens with green horns and slimy skin!

  5. hii
    thanks for this thoughtful comment :)

    yup! exactly the same happens with so many ladies.. thats the dual nature of our society and its applicable only to the fairer sex sadly :(

  6. hi abhinav

    yaar not every girl can have a guy like u to pay her bills ... lol!!


  7. The society has something mean to say about everything we girls do!! Duh!!!!...
    Why should I care?? I had very much eaten alone outside at places in Bangalore while I was living away frm home and I go for breakfast and lunch alone evry single day at Office... I prefer my privacy and do not really care about what people think..
    Sometimes, when the weird stares and sympathy sighs get extremely annoying,.. I just call my mom or my best friend, just to let 'those' people know that I am loved too.... I am not alone :) :)

  8. hi Diva
    thanks a lot for coming :)

    yup ! that must be the attitude of every lady eating alone and towards life in general too. why should we pity ourselves.. give a damn yaar and chart ur own path..:)

  9. i completely agree to this one....but to some extent...its nothing to do with women....anyone can feel lonely while eating alone....if happens an everday story :)

  10. Hi Aditi

    thanks :)

    I feel when a lady is eating alone pple tend to make stupid conclusions . There are some pple who prefer eating alone ... its a personal choice, but when a lady is sitting and eating alone somewhere say in a restaurant., pple tend to look at her suspiciously.......sadly but yes.