Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beep-beep, Beep-beep SMSsssss!

I received an SMS message from a friend. It was funny with an amazing sense of humor, some thing out of the box. So often we see messages full of new ideas and angles from which people can look at the things or give a tweak to the too well-known words that they make us smile & laugh out loud, or sometimes push us into a pondering mode, but certainly leave us marveling at the creativity displayed by its author.
We tag punch lines, advertisements, fashion designs etc. for their utmost creativity, but for me the SMS messages are the height of creativity. In case you have missed on this, just spare some time and go through the SMS messages in the newspapers, or closer home, in your own mobile, and check for yourself!


  1. hmm...badi na insaafi hai re Abhinav !!! LOL!!

  2. very true... :)SMSss have become an integral part of our lifestyle now... sometimes irritating but mostly welcome... They help friendships blossom during the forever great college days, and the creativity behind the forwards is unbelievanle :)

  3. hii thanks :)

    yup ! absolutely

  4. oh d only loyalists sending me sms r d vodafone people...

    on a serious note...true smses come in varieties. from jokes to serious forwards during terrorist attacks or justice for jessica lall or even break-ups...SMSes have now become a new medium for communication

  5. hi Gayathri

    thanks :)

    yaa SMSs are sometimes amazingly creative..:)yaa I agree they have become new medium in communication...to echo sentiments on serious things like attacks, or to send information like the ICICI bank did to assure the customers that its very much safe (in the recession), to share the common feeling in a boring lecture, sms come handy .........:)

  6. And, today (a mere 5 years from your post), even the SMSs have reduced... All thanks to WhatsApp...

    PS: It would be great if you could remove the CAPTCHA

    1. Hi Loco

      thanks for reading this oldddd post! I am so glad :D

      yes, those jokes and sms on whatsapp are damn creative too!

      actually, because of catpcha, spam comments have reduced. that's why :)