Sunday, August 10, 2008


I still do not fully understand the logic behind launching Tata Nano, the much touted Rs. 1 lakh car. The entire set of strategies is steered towards Tata’s own benefits and profits to the company. Mr. Tata should also show some concern towards the consumption of petroleum that is already burning a hole in the Indian economy, for our roads that are lightyears away from the state of readiness for welcoming millions of Nanos, and also for the severe scarcity of parking spaces. Launch of Nano has triggered a race in the Indian car market for mini cars. Are more cars the only sign of development? Mr. Tata may have designed an excellent online sales strategy but the arrival of Nanos and such similar vehicles will only aggravate the already existing problems. Also, most importantly these flashy cars are being made on the land forcefully snapped from the poor farmers, the 600 acres of agricultural land that once belonged to the farmers of WB, who have now been compensated with money. But is forcefully snatching their land for a private car maker and then providing monetary compensation justified? I think not. I feel it’s unethical and wrong. Rather, why doesn't Mr. Tata try to put all the marketing brain behind something that is much more environment friendly and useful to a common man?

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