Monday, August 11, 2008


All the news channels are busy with Olympic news, carefully and competitively covering each and every aspect of the gala event as well the Beijing city, which has now got an amazing makeover. One such aspect is fashion; very important, in fact it’s a reflection of one’s personality. It has been labeled as frivolous by many a critic who emphasize on the quality rather than the appearance. But a little deeper one goes, he finds that the outward appearance is actually the mirror of inner self. This is true of individuals as well as countries. Moreover, fashion is a major money spinner for the companies who are trying hard to link themselves directly and indirectly with this major event. China had 15,000 artists performing at the opening ceremony on August 8th. And as expected, a lot of emphasis was given on their fashion overall (makeup, outfits, accessories etc.). Similarly, USA had designer Ralph Lauren design the US Delegation's outfits for the opening ceremony. And other countries like France, the Netherlands, and Great Britain displayed their fashion too. But that’s about the guests; the host was also not lagging in this race.
Adidas is responsible for the outfits of the Chinese staff and volunteers. Global leather fashion brand Aokang is the official leather goods suppliers, whereas China’s local sportswear giant Li-Ning has chosen the indirect route of advertising through posters and billboards of its own brand ambassadors.
[1] For these companies, such major events provide the dream opportunities to increase their brand awareness by reaching the potential customers across the globe. And no company worth its name would miss such golden opportunities.

[1] The week magazine

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