Monday, August 11, 2008

Yung and (in)famous

Christian Ward, better known to the world as the rapper Yung Berg, has been arrested on charges of criminal possession of weapon, narcotics and for misbehaving with police who caught Yung with his four friends after they entered into an altercation with another driver.
Celebrities often earn bad publicity by such ugly display of rashness and have even got into trouble with law enforcing authorities. Well known model Naomi Campbell is notorious for her tantrums. Paris Hilton was penalized for driving under intoxication. Back home also, there is no dearth of such examples: an actor ran his vehicle over sleeping poor footpath dwellers; scion of a multimillionaire crushed pedestrians under his imported car. For our criminal-politicians the less said the better.

Such conduct of influential people stems perhaps from their audacity and (mis)belief that they are too big for the laws meant for common man. When they actually get caught they fall from their dream towers of ego but are too vain to accept the treatment they deserve. The result: all their pride and ego burst out leading to such behavior which makes hot headlines but bad example for commoners.
But the silver lining is, that of late such spoilt brats are gradually coming under pressure thanks to the vast mobilization of mass opinion by media, which virtually forced law enforcers to act, as we saw in Jessica Lall and Pridarshini Mattoo cases.

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