Thursday, May 21, 2020

भूख (Hunger)

बदला बदला सा है लग रहा वो शक़्स क्यों  
के भूख नहीं जानती तहज़ीब-ो-अदब कोई 

शहर से जा रहा वो छाले लिए पैरों में 
के उसे बुला रहा गांव का टूटा घर कोई 

Last night I saw a very disturbing video of a migrant laborer eating a dead dog on a highway in Rajasthan. He must have been terribly hungry and destitute. This is the story of our laborers who leave their villages for cities to earn bread & butter. Cities have proved them wrong; there is no love for them. Employers have not paid them their dues and government is busy in blame games. The poor migrants are going though a very rough patch. That video shook me somewhere deeply and these poems came out. I applaud people who are helping them. At the end of the day, it is people supporting each other only.

The translation –

Why does that person seem different these days?
For hunger knows not of any manners & etiquettes

He is leaving the city with blisters on his feet
For that tattered hut in his village is calling him


  1. Liked the way you have reflected your thoughts and feelings here. Yoy have depicted true picture with such wise usage of words. Coming down to the situation, so much pitty to see migrants current state,so much questions it leads to but without any definite solution,starvation can be felt only by the one who experiences it, and its the root of all problems, no doubt..but nice to see certain part of humanity which still exists and is helping these migrants reaching their villages.

  2. Thank a lot. I am happy you liked and felt the pain I wanted to convey. It is also the failure of the mother states from which these migrants are arriving in hoarders for food and employment. Governments take idiotic decisions and poor people suffer. This had become a way of life for us now.