Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Death Of Conscience

I read about the elephant last night and ever since there is an unsettling eerie feeling within me. I am pained, saddened, ashamed and disturbed in equal measures by what the locals in Kerala’s Malappuram did to that poor pregnant elephant who was scrounging for food. Who on earth, in his right mind and with even an iota of conscience could do a vile thing as to feed it pineapple laced with crackers. The crackers burst into her mouth and she died standing in water. The attempts to rescue her went futile probably she was too heartbroken to ever trust humans again. 

This incident is not the only one and not will be the last one but it is another noose that has tightened its grip on our collective humanity and conscience. I am way too depressed even as tears fill my eyes as I write this, I demand harshest punishment for those monsters and a radical change in animal protection laws in India. Sadly, the priorities of Indian government are can make this seem like a very distant dream. We are currently obsessed with changing the name of everything- cities, stadiums, roads, or even the country- from India to Bharat after the great king Bharat, a step closer Hinduism. In the whole drama that plays on the national stage along with many other pointless ones, we have forgotten that it is collective ethics and morals along with a robust justice system that make a country great, and not just assuming the name of a king once called great in some mythology books. Real life needs attention and care and more respect than mythology.

It was a gruesome murder not only of an animal but of humanity too. Human stupidity and cruelty is boundless. It is a shame. Sadly, TV channels, instead of raking up this ghastly issue to shake the people’s conscience, thought it more important to please, we all know whom.

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  1. Hii..just landed here as I was surfing through some blogs and reading this peice of yours I can totally relate to the anger and helplessness you must be feeling on hearing this. Same happened with me and I couldnt find any choice but venting out my agony, really so hard to beleive how brutally someone can act and calling himself human.This has crossed all boundaries of brutality leaving behind no traces of humanity.Its so distressing to digest what had happened.
    And you have expressed it nicely though.

    1. Thank you. I felt really disturbed for days. This incident shook me deeply and if we are not bringing in stringent animal protection laws even after this mishap, we don't deserve this planet, this beautiful mother nature.

  2. This incident hit me hard