Monday, September 26, 2011


Listen to the tranquil sky
It is the color palette of heavens
Listen that little birdie fly
How she flaps her lovely wings!

Listen what the leaf tells her tree
“Good bye sir, I am now glad and free!
I’ll fly and fly, miles and miles,
I’ll visit far away shores on my solitary journey
And all lost castles once brimming with symphony
Good bye, I am not tied to ye
May ye stand tall forever, at this last goodbye I say”
Ponder why these new leaves crackle
Do they too long to break their shackle?

Listen, what these new born buds say
What plans do they design the whole day?
“Lo! Wait is over and we arrive!
Young and innocent, pure and naïve
But we fear those rough hands
That will pluck us to faraway lands
Ah! World is but a cruel game we see
Unlike leaves we don’t wish to be free”

Listen to the water as it falls over
Can’t wait to meet its beloved river
What does the fall confess?
To that elderly rock at the edge
“I am impatient and young
Dreaming of her all day long
She loves me though but him much more
Alas! She longs to kiss the ocean’s shore
I love her still, knowing all of this
For my love is chaste though one sided
So, deaf to every wit and numb to logic”

Listen till your senses smoothen
Listen till your soul is calm
Listen till you reach eternal shore
Listen till you listen no more…


  1. Touching. I think you described various kinds of relationships. :) Nice. :)

  2. hii Juxtaposition

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Beautiful. The way you have depicted reality by flowers, buds and leaves is actually so soothing.

  4. hii Abhinav!

    thanks for this lovely comment :D

  5. Interesting perspective. Because so far I've read of separation when it comes to the leaves leaving the tree. You make them happy as they leave.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. hii Anshul

    yaa, I changed it a bit.

    Thanks a lot!


  7. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  8. hii Kalyan

    Welcome here!

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  9. hii Ramesh

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  10. hii Harman

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  11. Beautiful work, Adi! ....good to see the poetic side which rarely surfaces...

  12. hii Shakti!

    so nice to see ur lovely comment here :)

    thanks a ton buddy :D

  13. Loved reading it...the metaphors/similies were excellent.

  14. hii Ria

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    keep coming :)

  15. So even leaving someone can be a reason for joy.....good to read that leaves are glad once separated from the tree.....nice, a word of positivity and optimism....:))

    PS: sorry for the delayed visit here, sometimes earning bread n butter just don't allow us to do these nice things...:)

  16. hello Irfanji!

    nice to see u hare :)

    yaa, it can be one someone is bound and tied. yes yes, I agree fully wid u , bread and butter is the priority :)

  17. One of the bessst poems I have read in the recent times.. Can I feature your poem on my blog with due credit please? I loved the way you connected each stanza and the dialogues ... just amazing.. a perfect poem.

  18. hii Punam

    thanks a ton!!

    yes, sure u can, no issues :)

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  21. Hats off to you:)realy enthraling and mesmerizing poem
    It delighted as well as enchanted me,ur
    Poetic expressions,lucid style captured every minute details that many eyes dnt notice
    Its an "ode to mother nature" while reading it i was forced to think abt robert frosts "
    woods are lovely"
    Listen gives us a message to delve and be close to the mother nature
    Take sme time frm our mundane,monotous lives and instead of seeking materialistic pleasures ,we be close to nature
    Which is the giver of perpetual and eternal joie de vivre.

  22. hii Bro!

    Thanks a ton!! love you!