Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Broke A Million Strings...

The maze is eternal with roads galore
Deeper I gaze, sink I more
Simply an endless swim without a shore

Keep passion hidden and face stoned
For each one is wolf in angel’s robe
Not a soul can be trusted, nor can be loved

Still a million strings tie me to the web of world
Let me break all ropes and take a road straight
Still keeping safe spaces on both the ways
I sever all strings once I feel Thee
All cravings go numb and
Soul feels like a bird set free!

I soak His light and sleep deep inside
Lo! I am the new sprout in the womb of light
Pains and joys are trivial now

From a raging fire and flaming ember
Here I beam with the joy of surrender
I am but a clay with scent of Thee

Ah! I can be anything I wish to be
For I have broken those million strings and
Soul feels like a bird set free!


  1. The last stanza is the most impressive of all. Poetic in many ways to me.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. hii Anshul

    thanks a lot! this is such a lovely compliment :D

  3. Is the context about leaving this world? Sorry if my understanding is nowhere near it...:(

  4. hii mOhan

    I have written it for Thee (god)
    thats an angrezi bhajan! hee hee :D

  5. I also thought you wrote it about God. Makes sense then too. :)

  6. hii Juxtapostion

    thanks a ton!

  7. that was a very nice poem.. would take some time till the words sink in..

  8. A standing Ovation for ths one... :)

  9. hii Pink Teddy

    thanks a lot!


  10. AS, I am in love with your poetry. I wonder why I couldn't read before - but I shall catch up soon with the rest of your excellent work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. hii Punam

    Thanks a ton!!
    thats a very huge compliment :)

    keep coming!!