Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well I felt my usual urge to write again, this time not about something I observed someone doing but about many long chats I have with my close friend. Lately we have been talking a lot about various dimensions of life, our existence and motives, character and other related things. I would say some philosophical talks on observing the life a little deeply (at our level best).

We were one day talking about how we keep on thinking about things we hate, ignoring those we like and care for. If we analyze our thoughts for a day, we will find that most of the time we crib and crib about petty things of past like a nonsensical comment, a hateful look, a petty ego issue tiff or people who hurt us, friends who ditched us- in a nutshell about all that we do not like. But we hardly think about the things we want, the people who care for us, whom we like and love, about our ambitions and goals. In a way we take all the good things for granted, paying them no particular attention.

We all have an angel and a devil inside us; we keep feeding the devil and let him grow, and then complain about his power ruling us. Instead, we must keep our focus on what we like and want rather than what is bad and unnecessary. When we dig gold we ignore dirt and stones, we focus on gold and nothing else. Our life is a blank canvass; no one but only we can decide whether to fill it with the rainbow pastels or with the depressing darks.


  1. All philosophical huh? :-P

    On a serious note, you are absolutely right!! We just take all the good things for granted because its just there, if we take a moment to think "What would happen to us if this person/thing is not with us?"

    We will get ourselves back to our senses and stop complaining :-D

    I was once complaining to Velu that he was ignoring me, I was already feeling lonely and he was making me vulnerable and some stupid thing, I did that just becuase I wanted to pick a fight. He was calm and just asked me "What if even I were not there?"

    I just shut my mouth and asked him sorry :-)

  2. hmm yes...liked the example very much! Yeh when we dig gold, infact start throwing the dirt on others and un mindful of the fact that they we make them dirty we are lost in the greed! For me ...money is the biggest devil inside us!..nice write! as usual :)

  3. Yeah u r rite... ur friend is intelligent....

  4. Miss.Philosopher, you speak wise words ;)

    Still its easy to say that we shld avoid the bad, but in reality that isnt the case. One needs a high degree of self discipline to be focused on good things !

    Rosary Mi :)

  5. Nice post. Only we can shape our lives.

  6. ohhh! getting philosophical haa!!accha hai :) ..

    Wot u say is so much true.. Good Bad and evil are all within us and its up to us how do we deal with the inner conflict between the Good and the Bad. The greatest mistake people make is taking things/people for granted. And after those things/people are not there anymore ... we realize how wrong we were to them...
    Every coin has two sides.. likewise for us.. lets keep the bad in Dark and bring out the Good to the world :)

    well written dear! :)


  7. hii sis :D

    exactly! what would happen if this person/thing is not with us?
    complaining is very easy rather its the easiest thing to do, but seeking solutions is totally different...its really very very difficult to maintain a positive frame of mind if u are in a negative one esp.

  8. hii hary :)

    nice comment but dear my point is a bit different...m saying we dig gold and overlook stones means we should pay attention at positive things not negative memories ( compared to gold and stones).. :)

  9. hii teddy

    haanji ;) koi mere dil se pooche :P

  10. hii Rosary :)

    welcome to hummingwords :)

    heheh! just that my philosophical mood was on :P

    yup! I agree a high degree of self discipline is needed...which is actually very difficult to maintain :)

  11. hii SG

    thanks :)

    yup! I fully agree :)

  12. hii Rammy :)

    yups yaar! I agree :)
    lets keep the bad in Dark and bring out the Good to the world and to ourselves :)

  13. Nice read!
    I have 4-5 people inside my head.. and they all have ego clash problems.. Jaise hi meeting shuru hoti hai ki koi conclusion nikale.. i head dhishoom dhisoom. dhiskkyun!

    fir lambii khaamoshi!

  14. hii Abhi :D
    loved ur comment :)

    fundu !

  15. Hey A S , yep i got the point, but this thought suddenly occured to me as i read the story :)!

  16. hii Hary :)

    okiz, nice point :)

  17. This was really good...I agree with you and I feel that our perception is what determines the good and the bad.

  18. hii Gaya3

    thanks..m glad u liked it :) yup! attitude decides altitude.. :)

  19. Wonderful read ! You already expressed whatever i felt like expressing about the subject.

    About the line- "We all have an angel and a devil inside us"

    Isn't it right to show the angel in us to all the people in this world to actually change their view that "the other world is far better than this one" :)
    Well this is in response to your view on my comment on the other post. :)

  20. hello Asif

    thanks a lot!