Friday, August 21, 2009

Whatz ur rashi??

Well this is one discussion I am always all ears to. And yes, I always wanted to write on this- the zodiac signs. I agree that there is no second opinion in crowning late Linda Goodman as the queen of the zodiac analysis, but here’s my analysis of the zodiacs.

In my class, there were students of all the zodiac signs. And they actually reacted differently to the same thing and same command of the HOD…here’s what our ex- HOD Mr. Sharma typically sounded like:

“Your minor project is complete crap, be ashamed of yourself and no second thoughts on a re-do. And I know it’s copied. hai naa? Are u getting my point???”

These were his fav lines. And that’s how my friends reacted

1. Aries: really! Sir you are a genius!! BUT its NOT copied ok ( laughs out loud after coming out).

2. Taurus: sir it’s not copied and I spent 5 nights into making this draft, and u’ll have to read it at least once before saying all these words publicly.

3. Gemini: what!! No sir it’s not a crap!! How can u say so, have u read it. it might look like one but sir I am..yups I am sure its not a crap sir.. XYZ told me to do the formatting this way and ABC told me to do the margins this way, that means all of us have written crap..is it?? My god! Then I must tell the class hai na? No no…Lemme read it once again; no sir have u read it. It’s definitely not copied, just the idea is ‘inspired’…and ..and…(and the HOD faints)

4. Cancer : (Starts crying). Sir you are partial…

5. Leo: what!! You moron, who has given u this post!

6. Virgo: (Almost crying) Where exactly is the mistake. I have actually worked tirelessly sir. Please consider.

7. Libra: hmm hmm (after much thinking)...Sir u say you mean it’s a crap because the idea is copied or because the content is bad. If the idea is copied then there is no point because there can be n number of researches on the same topic, and if the content is bad then we have taken what was given in the books.And if and if…but what is your point exactly? Is it… (HOD goes nuts)

8. Scorpio: Okk, I’ll change it ( he heh! We all knew they’ll never do it!)

9. Sagittarius: hahahaah! So it’s a crap, hain! Its not oldie, and what makes u think I’ll change it! Yo baby!!

10. Capricorn: No sir , its not copied. Kindly spot the mistakes. I do not deserve a thoughtless redo, I know I do not.

11. Aquarius: haha! If u know the answer why asking the question???

12. Pieces... They stay quiet and just nod. Come out, sip tea and say “oye! nayi movie kaunsi lagi hai??”


  1. Lol!! Superb!!! Applause.
    Really enjoyed reading it.

    Loved the Leo's response. I would definitely tell the same thing...Hehehehehehe

  2. heyy sis :)

    heheeh! thanks a lotza ..I know u're a typical lioness ;D

  3. hehehe...i wunder if i wud say d same thng wt d saggitarian did in this post? i guess i will stay mum

  4. hii G3 :)

    my saggi friends there were soo outspoken and bubbly that sometimes even my HOD had to think twice before speaking to them :P

  5. :) mazzaa aa gaya.. dunno about rashis though.. did ashutosh goarikar pay u to write this? :P

  6. hii jinx

    hehehe! thankss

    yup! i was paid billions of dollars to carry out this extensive research (though it was highly confidential, a part is reproduced here) :P

  7. Nice one. Enjoyed very much.

  8. hii SG

    thanks a lotz :D

  9. Gosh, Didnt know you analyzed the replies !!! But yes, it looks real funny as long as you are not the one ;)

  10. i cant believe im saying this.
    but it kinda worked :D

  11. hiii Prashant :)


  12. hey Amal


    really! m soo glad :)

  13. lol! very funny..hehehe im a libra btw...and what does "oye! nayi movie kaunsi lagi hai??" means? sorry, I'm not from India, you see...^_^

  14. yES mine is Gemini what you have written i don't know but i like your presentation


  15. hii blackship :)

    welcome to my blog :D

    hehe! thanks , iam glad u liked it :)

    "oye! nayi movie kaunsi lagi hai??" means "which new movie has released"
    basically the sense is that they just don't care :)

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  17. haha.. too hilarious.. m rolling down on floor...

  18. hii teddy :)

    hehehe! :D

  19. hmm interesting..

    but i have strong objection with 4. Cancer : (Starts crying). Sir you are partial…

  20. hii Abhinav


    yaar its based on the observation of a batch, not a big sample..secondly its to be taken in light humour, not seriously :)

    my cancerian classmate used to cry at the drop of a hat and alwayz blamed the HOD like this..thats why :)

  21. babes..
    i just loved it
    bohot hi mast post hai..
    by the way m libran :P..so people usually go like nuts around me ...heehe

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  24. "(crying)sir, you are partial!!"
    uhnmm uhmm..partially agree ;))

    nice post!!

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  26. Ha ha ha... Such a funny post. Laughed out loud!!!

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  28. wow...nice one..!!thnks 4 the link..It was good to read ur post..Just dint agree with the Virgo wala reaction...baaki all was perfect...BTW...which one is u??

    nice blog too..!!! TC :)

  29. hii Urvashi :)

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    I am a Capricorn :)
    heheh! thanks a lot, m glad u liked the post and the blog as well...

  30. I am an aquarian..and I would definitely say that in my mind :P

  31. hii Unknown!!!

    okii! hehe.... waise thats a very logical question!