Sunday, January 10, 2016


Finally, after weeks of procrastination and delays, I got a new haircut the day before yesterday. Even though the hair-dresser cut my manes slightly shorter than I had asked him to, I am fine with it. Firstly, because, a little error is often natural in such services and secondly, because a change isn’t that harmful even though if it is by chance or in my case, by mistake. So, my long straight hair is now layered and short but look cared for like well-kept pets.

A new haircut is capable of giving you a complete revamp. I think long, straight styles give a more traditional appeal and make you look disciplined and homely while cropped ones give a professional feel and make you look ‘corporate-ish’. Similarly, girls with golden streaks and with rebounded hair give out very ‘catty’ and ‘high-maintenance’ vibes. Hair styles reveal a lot!

By the way, I feel really bad for the people of North Korea, for their eccentric dictator, Kim Jong Un has coerced everyone to imitate his own hairstyle (except women and bald men). For them, keeping any other hair-style attracts severe punishment!  (Pic from here)


  1. New year, new hair, perfect! And there is not a chance in hell I'd let hubby have that KimCut, how awful...

    1. Hi

      yes! new cut in new year made me feel renewed!!

      hahah! yes, it is awful indeed :P

  2. Thank god we are living in a democratic country!!!

  3. Revamping fact.A change can be accepted.

  4. Nice and short like your hair cut