Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good to Gold!

Mornings are always a time to cheer and rejoice for me mainly because of two things- firstly, to be thankful to God for a new day of life and secondly, because a new day ensures we inch more towards our goals with a fresh mind and body. It is a blessing to enjoy a tight sleep and to get up with a happy heart and fresh mind. I think, every new day is like a blank paper sheet or a canvas and we must fill it with striking colors to create a happy picture of our lives.

The first thing is freshness of mind and soul that comes, apart from a good sleep, from good hygiene and cleanliness. Unfortunately, most people spend hours scrubbing their faces but ignore oral health. A good brush like Colgate 360 DegreeCharcoal Gold toothbrush can sweep all the staleness away, leaving you with a fresh mouth for rest of the day. It does a lot more with its charcoal bristles; it thoroughly cleans gums, tongue and cheeks too. Also, it looks very lovely.

In my case, for a morning to be good means that it should have following things-
A good hygiene routine- Cleanliness makes one confident as all the staleness of the previous day is washed away and one is ready to take on new tasks. As I said before, an effective cleanliness routine must involve a good oral care as well.
Some workout- Only some minutes of warming-up exercises can do wonders
Newspaper- My mornings can never be complete without newspaper in my hands.

Now, using Colgate 360 toothbrush, I ensure my level of freshness is doubled and I feel cleaner than before. Nothing is worse than a toothache and infection. Various tooth related issues, even the severe ones, can be prevented just by using a good and effective toothbrush. Most of those available are of hard plastic and are not designed according to the contours of the teeth but Colgate 360 is very different. Hence, using it, I can turn my otherwise good mornings to #Colgate360GoldMornings!

 too, can turn you good mornings to Gold ones!


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