Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bring Back the Touch

‘Why are you after my life all the time?’ An angry Karan banged the receiver. Jia, his wife of six years had once again failed to put her point across. Ever since he had ventured out on his own and opened his dot com company, their life had changed for the better but sometimes the price we need to pay can be quite heavy. The penalty of enjoying the abundant luxury had cost them their relationship. Earlier, their holidays were never foreign but at least they remained close, but now after two short vacations in Singapore and Belgium, they felt as if they were classmates on a random college trip. Staying together yet still inside their own limits and fences. These invisible fences pricked her heart night and day and gave her much agony whenever she felt how busy and insensitive her once loving husband could be. However, things are mostly not as they appear to be. Karan too, felt the distance and the coldness that had crept between them, like poison ivy slowly covers a valley full of fragrant flowers. 

He tried to maintain calm and provide his best he could though he considered it un-manly to shed tears of regret and open his heart like a diary in front of his wife. ‘What would she think of me? After all I am a man,’ his heart would often argue with his mind and won easily.

It was a cold December evening and Karan sat all alone in the huge flat they had bought recently. Ever since Jia went to live at their old house, he had been trying to run away from the void that was growing deeper each passing day. This morning, when Jia had called him to speak to him just like that, he had banged the receiver but now in the moments of stillness he realized what she must have been going through. The darkness, the frost and a weary moon outside as if reflected his soul.
‘Don't I provide for her?’ he murmured
‘But she too tried, many times,’ his heart replied
‘She should understand. I work and I keep very busy,’ he hit back.
‘She gave you a ring, just to hear your voice,’ heart said.

After a few blank indecisive moments, Karan picked up his car keys and drove straight to her place. Sweet memories flooded his mind while climbing the steep stairs. Their celebrating festivals together, their making Rangoli together and random hugs that as if assured them of each other’s presence and support. He pressed the bell and a disheveled woman, with her hair loosely tied in a bun and puffed eyes opened the door.

‘Jia?’ he was shocked to see her in such a bored and tardy state. He felt choked and responsible for her emotional disturbance. He stood for a few seconds in silence and then, went ahead and gave her a hug, the same old bear hug that always reminded them that they were there for each other. Jia as if came to life and their smiles lit up the entire place that was dull and gloomy a moment ago!

Such is the power of touch. It makes us feel the love and realize the warmth and care.

Check out this cute video of how a couple, Maya and Nikhil recover lost love by the power of touch, just like Karan and Jia !

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  1. Beautifully written, Ankita!

  2. A hug can turn life upside down... Lovely!!!

  3. beautifully written...the power of touch

  4. Yes hug is very important and soothing..

  5. Lovely moving story, Ankita.
    Well-expressed! Happy for the happy ending :)

    1. Hi Anita

      Thank youuu! :D
      I am so happy that you enjoyed this story :)