Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zindgi Aisi Na ho Dobara

What a queer coincidence! The hot shots, the tycoons celebrated at the badshah’s palace, Mannat the success of the recently released flick ‘Zindgi Na Milegi Dobara’ at the time when the victims of the bomb blasts were suffering these words literally. The Maximum City was burning under three serial bomb blasts in which about 20 people died and many more were injured. Strangely, in such times celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and actress Katrina Kaif found a reason to celebrate. The party was hosted by Mr Khan at his residence and amongst those who arrived happily to wine and dine were Hritik Roshan, Adi Godrej, Kartina Kaif, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and a few others. Don’t they owe any concern to the city and the audience that made them what they are so high headed about- superstars. Mr Khan has expressed sadness via Twitter. Fakeness of emotions can be easily seen through: the lament about bomb blasts and a totally converse behavior at the same time do not go in sync. Ms Kaif must be ashamed of herself to celebrate her birthday in such tragic times.

Another epitome of shamelessness was Minister Subodh Kant Sahay who was enjoying the fashion show of his daughter, pleading later that he didn’t know of the blasts till then: even when the entire country knew it!

True, in a country of more than a billon people, everyone can’t share everyone else’s miseries. But the people turned into celebrities by the masses owe in return some concern towards them, at least in such grave times. If they fail to do so and behave like a common man, well then it’s time we turn them back into one. After all masses make one a celebrity and this is nowhere more true than in the entertainment industry. We should stop eulogizing these ‘sell-ebrities’ any more.

As a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte goes “what hurts you in the end is not the words of your enemy but the silence of your friends”. It is not the unscrupulous motives of terrorist organizations that actually exist only for terror activities; it is the insolent attitude of our own ministers, government and the people who represent our society and in case of India, film celebrities included.

For the blast victims too, it is Zindgi Na Milegi Dobara for they will never get a lease of life again. 


  1. hypocrisy stinks more than apathy

  2. I have a two fold reply to it:
    Firstly, celebrities know we Indians have this peculiar habit of not learning from our past and thus falling at it all over again. Salman, Saif and Sanjay all were booked under heinous crimes and then convicted yet we make them billionaires every Friday.

    Secondly, as a matter of fact more than 1.8 lakhs police officials, army men and other para-military soldiers are on guard saving the life of this rich brats and politicians in National capital. If even half of them would have been deployed for common men safety then such blasts and other terrorist attacks wouldn't have taken place.

    Weakest Link: Personal
    News Not Making News: Dream

  3. indeed very sad!
    I guess for them its only when there near and dear one suffers its considered a misfortune...rest everything is A ok ..its sucks..

  4. Ah c'mon AS, those people also have lives. They have full right to do whatever they want.

    Instead of putting blames on people on whether they shows grief or not, better we should concentrate on tightening our forts.

  5. well, what is so big if hundreds of AAM AADMI die out of this huge population of India.....these so called celebrities don't have time to think all this dam thing....after all they have got so many things to do...

    BTW a very good post!!!

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  7. They all indulged in lip service and tweeted but couldnt resist partying....

  8. i agree with @Abhinav ..

    we know celebrities only care for fame and money ... and yet we give them out time and money ...
    if they don't care about us.. why do we care about them .. p.s. them=celebrities..

    right now we just want blame-goats.. and jumping on anybody who we can blame..

    in reality we all are to blame..

    we are lazy-careless-corrupt-least bothered and thats why these terrorist can easily attack us..

  9. hii ravikar

    badhai for what?
    thanks if u liked the post

  10. hii Wise

    yes, absolutely

  11. hii Rachit

    yes, u have hit the nail. I agree strongly with both the points.
    our crisis management system is pathetic and rich brats pest our police and security system too and the results are always devastating. the common man is always at the receiving end at the end of the day

  12. hii Harman

    yes, i fully agree. only when rich and famous are involved, system does something. the Mumbai Taj Hotel blast gained this much attention also because so many rich and famous were involved.

  13. hii Abhinav

    yes, but we live in a society where we all support each other directly and indirectly and when one becomes a celebrity, he becomes even more responsible towards the feelings of the people who have elevated his stature to this level.

  14. hii Irfanuddin

    thanks a lot for liking the post.

    yes, I agree. After all partying is the priority of their lives, such blasts are ubiquitous these days, why waste time with common people

  15. hii Alka

    yes, fake sympathy is so obnoxious

  16. hii sankoobaba

    yes, thanks for liking the posts. our security system sucks big time

  17. hii Indian Top Blogs

    it is such an honour, thanks a ton!!

  18. This too will be forgiven(actually forgotten) by people and their movies will continue to be watched by people...that's the psychology of people in India...

  19. hii mOhan

    yes, that's a sad reality

  20. Ok I am late in commenting...see the problem is that people who died were office boys...lower income guys. Not page 3 celebrities.Even politicians talk only about 26/11...what about the ones who died in train blasts, near gateway of india, german bakery and the ones who regularly die in Kashmir due to militants? We people contribute to the nation's income more than what celebrities contribute...but we have no respect. When leaders don't respect us how do we expect these people to respect us?

  21. I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

  22. hii G3

    its ok yaar, yes I agree, government and police gets active only when rich and famous are involved. these handful of celebs can never be more important than millions of taxpayers who struggle and toil day and night to maintain a decent standard of living.

  23. hii jhon

    thanks a lot, keep coming!

  24. No point in expecting anything from anybody.

  25. hii Shas

    yes, right..hopeless system sucks