Friday, August 5, 2011

Ye Dil mange more!!

When I saw that Vodafone ‘borrow talk time from friends’ ad recently, at that very instant few people having perfected the art of borrowing came to my mind. Now, if we look closely, there are basically two types of people who borrow: first, those who are in genuine need, and second those who are habitual shameless creeps. I have all the sympathy and help ready for the first category. The second category is of people who just ask for anything shamelessly as if they have a legal right on all your things. They can go to any lengths for borrowing and they can knock at your door even at midnight.

One girl in my class who hailed from Meerut was a pro in borrowing anything from anyone. She even asked for a formal shirt and shoes for a presentation. The funny thing was that my presentation was minutes after hers. She could be a perfect model for borrowing, she literally asked me for everything like cell phone, bucket, clothes, bed, blanket, books, shoes, heating rods and many other items. Later I came to know that I was not the only one on her hit list, whole hostel suffered this problem. That obnoxious girl was definitely not in the first category. Life was easy for her as her mantra was ‘main maang loongi yaar!’ (I’ll borrow from someone yaar!)…cheap

Second comes the borrowing of books. An old proverb goes, “The best way to keep a friend-never borrow, never lend”. One of my friends borrowed my book for a week or so but I got it back after 10 months that too after repeated pleas and requests. Later I came to know that he had lent the book further to 10 or 11 more people.

I could not stop laughing at one incident when a relative wanted to borrow my grandfather’s underwear! Grandpa had refused for sure but we still laugh at the audacity of that man!

A neighbor once approached my mother for the recipe of tomato soup (!), and guess what; she even took all the ingredients and spices from us only! ha ha ha ha!!

How many such people have you come across??


  1. I hate borrowers.
    But I am bad at saying No.

  2. College life sustains on borrowing..though I hate lending personal items.

  3. If you need to keep a good friend
    Never borrow never lend

    Thats been told so many times over and it still is very tru

    Its really irritating to have such "kisise maang loongi" types

  4. oh...they are so common in our surroundings you know....you can find them every now n then asking for just anything n every thing...

  5. LOL...You've made this topic humorous. It was a good read!

    Personally, I hate borrowing things from someone let alone asking for help. There are instances where people have borrowed pens from me and then conveniently forgotten to return them. Later someone gave me a good tip - when lending a pen, remove its cap. In most cases, it has worked - I got my pens back. But there are few people who will never return them. All you can do is stay away from them!!

    Let your post help people with forgotten memories to return stuff they borrowed, if any...:)

  6. I have met many such people . I strongly dislike this parasitic nature .Lol @underwear burrowing .

  7. The problem is not with lending... the trouble storms in when you have to go ahead and ask for your own stuff back!!!

  8. hii AB

    yes i hate them too and yes m also very bad at saying no :P

  9. hii Alka

    yes, i agree but there has to be a limit

  10. hii Shrikant

    yaar aisi 'kisise maang loongi/loonga' are everywhere and meeting such irritating pests is inevitable

  11. hii Irfannudin

    hahah! I can understand ur 'haalat'

  12. hii mOhan

    thanks! yes, nice little tip it is :)

    yes, amen!

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  14. hii Kavita

    even parasites are better than these creeps

  15. hii Shakti

    yes! u have hit the nail..like for that book, i had to take so much trouble naa :P


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