Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watz Your Rashi - Part 2

Let us assume a girl has to reject a suitor she has been going around for months, may be. Here is how the girls of the zodiac will behave:

(To be taken with a pinch of salt!)

1. Aries: Yaar, I think we are incompatible so I am leaving you- bye.

2. Taurus: I think you are an aggressive person and my patience is coming to an end; before it results in a deadly explosion, please leave.

3. Gemini: Am I leaving you? Who told you that? You think so? You know I had heard compatibility is an essential quality for marriage. When we went to that club yesterday, it was so much fun. I think it is going to rain tomorrow. There are so many men who hate rains you know, but I love them. I want to marry someone who loves traveling, that’s what! I want such a man yaar! Oh yes, btw I think I am leaving you. You are so sweet, how can a girl let a sweetie pie like you slip off her hands, you know………………… (The guy is still waiting at the altar, still unsure if she will come or not!)

4. Cancer: You were smiling when I was crying?? You did not give me enough sympathy. How could you kick that stray pup? And how can you not smile back at that beggar child? You steel robot. Leave please (crying), please leave I want to marry a kind gentle man and not some insensitive demon.

5. Leo: You are not worth marrying a girl like me. Go and look at your face but dare not show that damn thing to me again... now get lost....Grrr..

6. Virgo: That day when we were sitting in that restaurant, I noticed you licked your little finger while having pizza. That day when we were watching movie, I noticed a white strand on your head! The day we were at the grocery store I saw you did not check the expiry date while buying the packet of chips. I also noticed you were throwing a glance at the lady behind the counter, I also noticed…… after all the analysis, my choice has changed, I am really sorry. Did not mean to hurt you.

7. Libra: hmmm…hmmm... I think marriage is something that is a union of minds, right! Now we are two dignified individuals and we both are educated too. I do not mean to say I am better looking than you but even that part requires a balance too. There can be n number of reasons to break the marriage like incompatibility that can be emotional or cultural or financial. There are other reasons as well like past affair. I do not care but…………………can you please tell me where I was? Yes, incompatibility... I think you get the point dear; you are really a very good friend of mine. But…..

8. Scorpio: I think you are not up to my standard, so? That’s your problem not mine and loss is also yours boy. Leave.

9. Sagittarius: Yaar, I like men who are manly, no don’t mean you are girly but I mean I want more manly, you are so cute and sweet, yaar honestly I don’t want competition ..Ha-ha! Should I explain more??

10. Capricorn: I got to know from my trusted sources that the house you are living in belongs to your father. Also, that watch you gifted me last week was available on sale on xyz store. You also did not tell me that xyz percent of your salary is deducted for a car loan you took last year. Now how can I marry you? I don’t want to argue. Thanks a lot sir, it was nice with you but that’s my life, simply can’t take chances!

11. Aquarius: Why don’t you marry my friend, she has long hair and is an excellent cook!

12. Pisces: There is something about sea shores, that day I saw a dream where a man was calling me to the sea shores. Do you believe in treasures? I think that was not a dream but a prediction. I am leaving for my destiny’s call so can’t marry!

And how the boys of the zodiac are going to react to this??

Coming in the next post!


  1. hee hee hee haw haw.. that was so damn funny!!

    Looking forward to what the guys wud say!!!

  2. hii Shrikant!

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  3. I mean 'liking' the post..typo error :P

  4. awesome...i dont know about others but saggitarian wala was right :)

    waiting for guys post :P

  5. hii G3

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  6. But some of them are being too polite, :P

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. hahahaha, toh yehi chal rahi hai aapkal!! good observations!!

  8. hii UA jee!

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  9. Oh my!! Hahaha dont know about the others. But Leo is perfect, so I assume others are too.

    Hilarious, I was laughing out. Waiting for the boys now :)

  10. hii Bindu

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  11. hehehe... dat ws one awesum.... hilaius... m leo... n it reflects me... haha... i liked other rashi's too...

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