Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake up Sid !!

Yesterday I saw the latest movie ‘Wake Up Sid’ and I loved the character ‘Aisha Banerjee’ brilliantly played by Konkona Sen Sharma. It’s an impressive character and I can easily relate to the free spirited Aisha. Her innate sense of self confidence coupled with a subtle softness is mind blowing. I love that character, because I saw myself in Aisha somewhere.

She arrives in a new city, full of ambitions but all alone, that too without a job. She then gets a job as an assistant to the editor of a magazine. However, the way she faces her interviews and then the way she subtly persuades her boss (played by Rahul Khanna) to read and comment on her own articles is nice; her perseverance never dies out. Aisha as a character has lots of positive energy and hope in her. She does the complete makeover of a dirty rat-hole flat beautifully!

But what I loved the most is her sense of independence when she roams about the entire city all by herself, on the third day of her arrival!

Wake up Sid is an amazing movie, not just because it’s made under a big banner or it has a good star cast, but it actually gives a lesson to the viewers. Why do we confine ourselves inside the self made walls? Sid, the delinquent son of a millionaire industrialist, takes up a career in photography and Aisha takes up writing i.e. both take up their hobbies as professions rather then the fields of their professional studies. That is exactly what I always advocate- we should go where our heart lies. Sid and Aisha finally get their rewards as their works are published in ‘Mumbai Beat’, the magazine they work for.


  1. OK.. I will definitely watch this movie... and I take your advice.. follow the heart.. even if that direction pays less and takes time.. but JUST DO IT.. haina?

  2. hii Abhinav :)

    yup! watch this, its good :)
    haanji bilkul :)

  3. I usually do not watch movies. But, I will give his movie a try now.

  4. hii Ashu bhaiyya :)

    yup! I know, but u should give this movie a try :)

  5. I also watched it...yes konkana is one actress who plays realistic characters...i can relate with almost all her characters. As u said we need to do what we likie to do the most...following the herd is just not done.

    P.S: hope ab yeh movie dekhke toh kam se kam tu bombay oops sorry mumbai aayegi :)

  6. hii G3 :)

    haan yaar, Konkona Sen is one realm actress, so natural :)

    I loved the movie, short, neat and senseful :)

    pakka I'll come to Bombay..oops Mumbai.. ;)

  7. very nice movie.........

  8. hiii Vins :D

    ya very nice :)

  9. Hi there,
    Thanks for update on Wake up Sid. I'll download & watch it. ;)

    Btw, howz you?

  10. Hi AS,
    Thanks for the review. I am waiting for the nxt weekend.

  11. hii Sunil

    yups, its really nice and motivating too :)

    m good are r u?

  12. hii UA :)

    welcome to my planet :)

    ya go for it !

  13. Oho!! Looks like you and Gayathri have stolen my Job of writing movie reviews!!

    I've heard some good reviews about the flick and also am a huge Konkana sen sharma Fan! .. Its nice that you mentioned her acting capabilities coz these days its all bare and dare that actresses are doing to get acclaim! konkana is one of very few actresses who can completely justify any character that she portrays.

    Well written and keep writing :)

    P.S : aap officially tagged hai!! :P


  14. hii Rammy :D

    yups yaar, i fully agree Konkana sen sharma is a very good actress. watch out wake up Sid for her acting and natural expressions and of course u'll love her as Aisha Banerjee too!

    yes yaar, I will take up the tags in a few days :)

  15. hmm thats a gooood review...will watch that for sure then! hey nice template btw!! keep writing!

  16. Thanks for the review. Seems its good movie as so many people are writing about it...Have to watch

  17. hey hary!

    yups! the movie is very nice :)

    thanks !

  18. hii insignia

    ya go for it , its good

  19. Konkona is a natural actress and I like the roles she picks.
    A lot of people have recommended this movie to me. I think I will go and watch it this weekend.

  20. hii Aparna

    welcome to my blog!

    yup! konkona has amazing acting abilities :)
    this movie is nice, go for it u wont regret :)

  21. Actually we were to watch this movie on sunday. But our plans didnt materialise........After reading your post, now I cant wait to watch it........ Great review.

  22. hii Ash :)

    welcome to hummingwords :)

    yup! go for it! its really nice

  23. hmm..
    sounds like a nice movie :)
    i ll watch the movie on the first chance itself..

  24. hii Amal :)

    yup! go for it yaar! its much better than mindless romantic flicks

  25. seen teh movie..liked it. its a refreshing change to see teh leading stars of the movie who are very capable actors as well. a very simple story made to look good just because of the acting prowess of both Ranbir and konkona..

  26. hii Rohit!

    yups, konkona was amazing! and story was very simple yet captivating :D

  27. This is one of my favourites!! I watch it every time I catch it on Television:)

  28. Hi Tarang

    Thanks a lot!!

    I love the positivity and lesson of this movie